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Fun competitions for the birthday girl

Fun competitions for birthday girl

As a child's birthday is the most amazing and favorite holiday.

To this day especially memorable, it is necessary to advance to prepare, elaborate script.

Children, especially girls, love to gather and spend the day competitions and various games.

Intelligent competitions

Riddles and questions on intelligence canserve as the beginning of the birth. Pick up questions, not forgetting about the age of the guests who come on holiday. To this part of the birth went well, arrange a competition between the participants. For each correct answer, let points, and when the winner decide, reward it with a small souvenir.

Active Competitions

Very interesting contests with a dressingmusic. While playing the melody, a bag with things passed from hand to hand around the circle. After leading pauses, the music stops and the one who would be in the hands of the bag should not be looking to get out the thing and put it over as they like. This competition is good because without a competitive spirit, it gives great fun participating. After the game, you can arrange a photo shoot in the resulting outfits.
When the spirit of fun and will appear in the companyemancipation, you can spend the game "Crocodile". First, the entire company must be divided into two teams. That which begins must make a one of the other team members a word or phrase. In turn, the participant must dumb way to explain his accomplices that he would make come true.

Fashion show

What could be more interesting to girls thandress up, painted and arrange their own fashion show? Take advantage of this interest and organize a mini make-up for guests. Of course, it should be done only if the birthday boys are not invited. Otherwise, in order not to deprive girls of pleasure, take the other children playing, while the girls will be occupied by the Transfiguration.
At the end, you can hold a fashion show and exposeevaluation and award the winner a prize. If a girl is approaching adolescence, instead of a fashion show, it is better to offer it to companies to make a video or hold a photo shoot.

Themed birthday

For contests that you pick for the daygirls birthday, had integrity and were combined with each other, they can come up with a common theme. For example, to spend the holiday in the style of "Alice in Wonderland" at the same time on the invitations, you can write a text "in reverse" to read it could only having put a mirror.
In any case, what kind of theme you would not have picked up- As a result of the selection of tenders will be much easier and at the same time manifest the creative potential of the most girls. Birthday get truly amazing and unlike any other single party.

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