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fruit Sandy

Sunday - a drink that is prepared on the basis of an ice cream or frozen yogurt with fruit, syrup, liqueur or nuts.

Originally drink from Massachusetts.

Consider some recipes prigotvoleniya fruit Sunday.

You will need

  • For apricot Sunday:
  • - 50 ml of fruit or berry soka-
  • - 50 ml of citrus or berry mussa-
  • - 50 ml of apricot sauce.
  • For apple Sandy:
  • - 2 yabloka-
  • - 200 ml of apple soka-
  • - 200 grams of ice cream.
  • For pineapple Sunday:
  • - 50 g morozhenogo-
  • - 20 ml of hot tea limonada-
  • - a pineapple.
  • For banana Sunday:
  • - 50 g morozhenogo-
  • - 30 ml of orange soka-
  • - A banana.
  • For mango Sunday:
  • - 90 g morozhenogo-
  • - 90 ml of juice mango-
  • - 10 ml of mint syrup.



To prepare the apricot Sunday, put in kremanku any fruit or berry juice, mousse and apricot sauce, without mixing the components together.


For apple Sandy Wash the apples, remove the core, rub on a small grater. Pour into glasses ice cream, grated apples, pour the juice. Mix the components is not necessary.


To prepare the drink pineapple, add the cream in a bowl, add to taste chopped fresh pineapple, pour on top of the lemonade. Stir also not necessary.


For banana Sandy lay in a bowl ice cream, top with banana, sliced ​​thin rings, pour on top of orange juice.


Mango Sunday preparing too easy: the bottom of the ice-cream bowls, place fruit ice cream, pour on top of mint syrup, then pour the juice of mango. Serve immediately, without mixing.


Ready-made drinks can decorate as you like: cocktail straws, leaves of fresh mint, add ice cubes, etc.

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