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Home from a bar

When planning to build a vacation home, many immediately imagine the wooden house with carved windows.

It considered such traditional Russian log hut where ancestors lived for centuries.

Today, the question of which to build a house, do not be soacute as it was observed a couple of decades ago. The market is to service customers a variety of materials - bricks, lumber, cinder block, concrete blocks and many other not so long ago a very strange materials from which to construct a building.

Especially popular for cottage construction constructions of wood - log house and the construction of the timber.

Bar-shaped houses are not only practical - theyincredibly beautiful. Wood Processing Factory allows you to make use of the bar quite convenient, since the exact form guarantee the high quality and speed of erection of buildings. At the same time such material provides enhanced thermal insulation performance and beautiful appearance of the building. Shaped timber can be used in the construction of country houses and cottages, which live permanently.

Practical timber

This option is ideal for peoplewho appreciate the natural properties of building materials. The low thermal conductivity of wood allows to keep warm, and it saves money for heating.
Indisputable quality of timber houses are not consideredOnly ecological purity of constructed objects, but also the climate of stability and natural ventilation, which provides an optimum microclimate. It should also mention the impressive durability and excellent structural strength.

Of particular note are the aesthetic appearance of the invoice.

Such a structure will always look comfortable as living in it people feel warm, wonderful feeling oneness with the environment.
By building the house from a bar, you can not take care ofsome outside of their finishing as the exterior of the building turns out very attractive. This allows for additional savings. Modern technologies have achieved what can be built similar structures, using the customer's sketches. That is, the client receives a house that meets their wishes and requirements, the home of their dreams.


The disadvantages include the fact timber that houses the walls may be formed during the shrinkage cracks, as well as improper ventilation sometimes develops mold and fungus.
For this reason, building a house or choppedthe building of timber, special attention should be given to high-quality wood processing for the object being built. For this purpose, various antiseptics that protect the material.

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