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From which dries the mouth

From which dries the mouth

If the human body stops producing enough saliva, dry mouth occurs.

This not only causes discomfort, but may be an indication of disease.

It is therefore necessary to establish the cause of inefficient work of the salivary glands, turning to the doctor and begin treatment if necessary.

Because some diseases can decrease saliva production

Dry mouth can be a symptom ofvariety of diseases, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, anemia and a number of nervous system pathologies, hypertension, salivary gland tumor, HIV, etc. Put the correct diagnosis can only be a specialist, so you need to seek medical advice.
Dry mouth also causes some therapeutic treatments, such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
The cause of dry mouth can damagethe neck (or head) of nerves due to trauma or surgery. Also in the mouth is often dry in infectious diseases occurring in severe form and of common intoxication and dehydration, for example, the flu, pneumonia.

The reasons because of which can dry out the mouth

Dry mouth can be caused by smoking orchewing tobacco, because nicotine is a depressing effect on the work of the salivary glands. Saliva can also decrease due to nervous strain and stress.
For dry mouth can also cause impaired nasal breathing. As a result, a person is forced to breathe through the mouth, which speeds up the evaporation of saliva.
Dryness of the mouth may be caused by eating large amounts of salt or pickled foods. Finally, the mouth may be dry because of certain medications.
Sensation of dryness in the mouth - typical sideeffect of antihistamines ( "suprastin", "tavegil", "Tsetrina", "Zirteka"), as well as medicines, relaxing smooth muscles. It should be noted that the amount of saliva produced is reduced with age. Therefore, older people often complain of dry mouth.
Insufficient saliva production not only causesdiscomfort, but also increases the risk of dental caries, as well as various inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. In addition, dry mouth at elevated uncomfortable wearing dentures (the people that need it). Therefore, in any case, you need to consult a doctor. He will recommend solutions for mouthwash that can restore natural moisture. In some cases, drugs may help stimulate salivation. To enable the production of saliva, suck sugarless candy or chew gum.

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