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From what to wear pink and red pants

From what to wear pink and red pants

Bright trousers - the choice of bold and uninhibited modern girls.

Especially popular in recent seasons are his pants red and pink shades.

To look stylish, combine them with the right clothes and accessories.

Pink pants: gentle way with a minimum of effort

Today, the pink color of the ambiguous attitude. Some associate it with the flighty girls glamorous, someone hand, so as not to look too girlish. In fact, the color pink symbolizes femininity, tenderness, hope and purity. This is the image you create with the help of a pleasant eye color pants.

Pink pants easy to distinguish you from the crowd. They look restrained and bright, spectacular and unexpected. Pants pink color does not require additional accessories or pretentious top.

A classic combination may be called a combination ofpink and white. With colored trousers wear blouses, shirts, tops and shirts pure light shade. Footwear is better to choose a neutral, such as beige or white. Exactly it combines pink pants Eva Mendes.
Do not be afraid to combine pink pants with a black top. Wear pants with a shirt and jacket complete the package if necessary. Pay attention to the difference of materials: the contrast will give the ensemble an interesting view. The color of shoes and accessories should also be black. As an option - a bit of gold ornaments or decor.
The pink color can be combined with other brightshades. An excellent company is turquoise, sapphire, yellow, fuchsia. You can create a sleek two-tone image, and use multiple colors. For example, wear a turquoise top and pants, add a yellow necklace, clutch and ballet flats. You will have a provocative and positive ensemble.

Red pants for a good mood

If you want even more brightness and focus -feel free to choose red pants. They accentuate your style and the ability to dress tastefully. The admiration of others will cause the original and beautiful sets.
For everyday way of wearing red pants withsimple pullovers and T-shirts. Perfectly suited prints with stripes and monochrome products classic colors (white, gray, black). With slacks will look spectacular shoes with heels with narrow - sneakers, ballet flats, brogues.

Wearing red pants, pay special attentionthe color of the shoe. The ideal option would be black and physical / beige model. Caution should be white and colored shoe - it should match the color of the top.

Red pants are perfectly combined with beige tunics, shirts, tops. Also nice would look like the top of ivory color. For festive chooses clothes interspersed with gold tones.
Colored items to be selected in red pantsCaution. It is best to stop the election on the deep or "dusty" colors. Beautiful red blend is a dark green, blue, purple. Also wear pants with top reds, diluting monochrome set of gold or bronze accessories.

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