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From what to wear Oxfords

From what to wear Oxfords

Oxford - it's shoes with high lacing and decor in the forefoot.

Previously these shoes were worn only by men, but today Oxfords turned into a real classic of women's fashion.

A variety of options, textures and colors is astounding.

With properly selected shoes easily create ensembles of any style - romantic, avant-garde, elegant or sporty.

Choose a style

The sale can be found oxfords for every taste andpurse. Is Warm winter models thick sole and stable heel, comfortable walking shoes, demi-season, summer outdoor options with cutouts or perforations. The height of the shoe may also be different. Classic Oxfords barely reach to the ankle bone, and higher versions can be found if desired. As for special variety of heights and shapes of heels. You can wear oxfords in men's style on virtually flat-soled shoes or prefer high heels - it all depends on personal taste and general ensemble.
Price depends on the model and brand of footwear materials,from which it is produced. The most affordable Oxfords are made of synthetic leather and fabric. More expensive models are made of genuine leather, preferably bovine. The most expensive options can be made from reptile, ostrich and other exotic. Very elegant and suede shoes, as well as models of combination skin - brushed and lacquered.

Classical, Romantic and Sports compose trendy ensembles

Oxford and wear warm outer clothing, andsummer shorts or sarafans. Models with low heels look great with a long dress - classic coat, moderately wide trousers of wool or linen, dresses strict. These shoes give the ensemble a note of respectability, understated elegance. With monochromatic clothing classical style is particularly impressive look two-tone oxford model. It is desirable that one of the colors repeated costume color, contrast and another with him.

A low heel is very convenient, but it visually shorten the leg. The same goes for bright patterns. Wear them only if you are confident in the proper proportions of the figure.

Oxfords Summer can be worn with shorts ormini-dresses. Choose the model on a flat sole and a low heel stable. Ensemble can add extravagance by oxfords bright colors - red, blue, orange or turquoise. These shoes will become the brightest spot in the ensemble, so do not try to pick them accessories to match.

If your feet are too big, do not wear light-colored boots - stop for two-colored or dark.

A great companion for oxford - jeans. It may be free "Comfort" or tight skinny - it all depends on your figure. Tall girl can combine jeans with Oxford without a heel, is to pick up a miniature shoes with a heel or small platform.
Do you want to lengthen the legs? Choose oxfords dark colors and wear them with tights in the same color. A small heel, too, will not be superfluous. The same effect can be achieved with long trousers, half closing high heel.

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