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From what to wear clothing in military style

From what to wear clothing in military style

Clothing military style does not go out of fashion for several seasons.

Consider what shade to choose and what to combine catchy disguise.

Classic military khaki colors in fashion, butpeak - camouflage unconventional colors. If you want to get to the point, look for such combinations like red and beige, blue-gray or gray-black camouflage pattern.
Leather jackets in military style, color khaki skirt,coat or dress will help you stand out from the crowd and attract attention. But if you wear all at once, you will become a soldier Jane. Remember, things with the militant figure does not perfectly match with their own kind, but with self-colored things. We chose military coloring - other prints have to forget.
Under the camouflage black leather jackets casually pick up a classic jeans tucked-boyfriends or pencil skirt. To skirt - a light blouse and high heels.
Choosing a dress, pay attention to a style. Figure-masking does not oblige you to buy things in a rough soldier style with lots of pockets and iron parts. In fashion femininity. Choose close-fitting coat in the style of the 50s, midi skirts, tight-fitting mini skirt flared trapezoidal.

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