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From what to wear Lofer

From what to wear Lofer

Lofer - it closed shoes, which were originally intended for the male wardrobe.

However, along with a classic trouser suit, the image element is firmly rooted in women's ensembles.

What are Lofer

Lofer (or loafers) can be divided intoclassic, casual and sport. The first is usually made of black or brown patent leather, the second - from soft suede or nubuck, while others often like walking sneakers. That is why the outfit to Lofer selected depending on the style of shoes, as well as the direction of the event.

From what to wear Lofer

Classic Laufer with a pointed or semicircularHeel socks will look great with the strict trouser or skirt suits, pencil skirt or a skirt-tulip dark tones. To smooth out the excessive strictness and add to the image of the female romantic notes, can be supplemented with a bright blouse outfit, decorated on the neck and sleeves with ruffles. Excellent will look and simple turtleneck, selected to match the suit, but in this case it is necessary to complement the ensemble discreet jewelery, but rather a set composed of filaments of small diameter beads and earrings.
If Lofer wear cool spring or autumn, as the outdoor clothing dark suit coat or cape knee-length and long cardigans to mid-thigh.

From accessories suitable bulky lacquer handbags or clutches, selected to match the shoes.

Ensemble soft suede Loafer amountclassic or narrowed and cropped jeans, tunics and dresses in the style of safari and military. Suit and light trousers without arrows, with trousers tucked carelessly. Complement the outfit usually bright T-shirts, shirts, blazer or leather jacket, black leather jackets. Will give a set of universal completion of the bulk bag or purse on a chain of dark tones, and sometimes contrasting clutch (for example, red patent leather).
For fashionistas who are fond of sports, Lofer can be completed as a light narrowed jeans and sporting a full suit or a set of breeches, T-shirts and colorful shirts.

In this dress you will look like a famous athlete, descended from a photo of a fashion magazine.

On a cool day, you can throw dutuyu vest. Excellent complement the outfit and baseball cap bulk bag bag of bright waterproof textiles.
Lofer - is quite complicated in terms of modelingShoes, however, and it is possible to choose the outfit worthy of any publication. Usually Lofer worn on bare feet, but the combination of these shoes with a classic suit demands that ladies are required to wear stockings or golf.

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