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From what to wear leather skirt

From what to wear leather skirt

Today, designers are actively promoting softness and femininity, gradually pushing back towards the recently popular style unisex.

That is why one of the most popular elements of impressions are many skirts. But not all women are ready to put on magnificent specimens delicate flowers.

If you want to look feminine at the same time, and independently - pay attention to the skirt of the skin.

Leather skirts: a variety of styles and colors

Skirts made of leather are becoming increasingly popular. They are comfortable, practical, very effective and easily engage the views of others. Today, leather skirts in a wide range, where every girl finds a suitable model for the figure.
One of the most popular and sexystyles is a pencil skirt. It tightly fits the figure, making it an attractive and seductive. Stylists are especially recommended to choose a leather pencil skirt girls with the figure of "hourglass".

Leather skirts are both concise and to the finish. Most often, strict material supply zippers, metal rivets, inserts of fabric (guipure, velvet, lurex).

Straight leather skirts are the most simple and universal. As a rule, the length of the models end up knee. It is often possible to meet and direct the mini-skirt made of leather.
Skirts in the form of a trapezoid will adjust perfectlywide hips. Length varies from short to medium. Effectively and looks nice leather skirt pleated. Fashion folds, as a rule, are broad, and the length of the product reaches the knees.
Leather skirts performed in a variety ofcolors. Most popular: black, burgundy and brown goods. It is advantageous to look skirt delicate shades: ivory, nude, caramel. Brave girl designers offer richer options: green, sapphire, bright red artificial leather.
Note: leather skirt should be a spectacular and beautiful. From the old, bad-looking product should be discarded or put them in order by means of restoration. Also remember: Data skirt can not be washed in the machine. To the product looked good, it should be cleaned with a damp soapy cloth or hand over to the dry cleaners.

The stars dictate the style: ensembles with leather skirts

Celebrities can often be seen in leather skirts. Extravagant bagatelle choose Angelina Jolie, Rose Byrne, Alexa Chung, Kate Bosworth, etc. Suffice heavy bottom allows you to emphasize the independence and correctly picked up top -. Feminine.
Kate Bosworth chose a spectacular pencil skirtcolor of cappuccino. Add her breast actress translucent chiffon blouse with a jacket collar and sleeves?. Top star of tightly fastened, of the accessories chosen only a square white clutch.
Blake Lovely prefer a brighter version: turquoise leather mini-skirt straight cut. As a top actress chose a light gray blouse with ethnic pattern and additions to the color of the bottom. Sweatshirts girl tucked in her skirt and put his feet on the soft yellow shoes. Please note: If a light blouse is sleeveless and almost the same color as the bottom, the ensemble will look like a dress or a sundress.

A remarkable combination of a universalblack leather skirt and a white light blouse / shirt. Top preferable to fill in. Do not get carried away with accessories: clutch enough and beautiful shoes.

With brown leather skirt trapezoid actress AshleyGreene wore a simple scarlet tunic of silk. The top has no finish or cut. The only additions steel metal watches and shoes in the color of the skirt.

Alexa Chung suggests wearing a leather skirtconventional knitted pullover. To image became more interesting, use the accessories for the head: a beret or a wide bandage. Also do not forget high heels and a small handbag.
Many celebrities are combined with leather skirtssimple T-shirts and tops. To the ensemble was more interesting, add a bright suit or jacket. Depending on the orientation style skirt, pick up under her shoes, boots or ballet flats.

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