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From what to wear leather pants

From what to wear leather pants

Leather pants - very unusual modern trend. Specific material looks sexy, impressive and expresses the courage of the girl.

However, the combination of leather pants should be cautiously selected wrongly top or accessories will make the image of the vulgar.

Features combination leather trousers

Today, more and more are choosing leather pants active,brave girl, easy-going and love to be in motion. The material provides a high density and durability of the pants, which makes them indispensable for traveling or walking with children. And, thanks to the spectacular appearance of trousers, even walking with a stroller you can look great.
Forming a set with leather pants, rememberthey are a major part of the ensemble. Do not choose too bright, "shouting" the upper hand, if you do not plan to go to the party at the club. To enable the leather pants in casual image, complementary elements should be monophonic and concise as possible.

Leather pants are combined with contrasting in texture materials. For example, an excellent choice would be knitted fabric, cotton, chiffon. hand-knitted products, or wool is also perfectly suited.

Pick up shoes to leather trousers should be based onof the planned image. With spectacular pants can be worn ballet shoes, brogues, loafers, boots in men's style. Some assemblies should be combined only with the shoes or sandals with high heels, boots or ankle boots spectacular.

Spectacular images in leather trousers

Some leather pants allow you to easily playto create an image. Change of clothes and accessories to quickly transform you from humble housewife in sexy girls, or "friend of the biker." Trousers leather great fit in a variety of styles.
Lovers casual, stylists recommendcombine leather trousers with simple tops, knitted cardigans, wool ponchos. Pick up the top of the Colors laconic: brown, gray, burgundy. Make way unibody help accessories, duplicating the color of the top / sweater. For example, a suitable large bracelets, long necklaces, headscarf and so forth.
Powerpuff Girls with leather trousers shouldwear eccentric, showy things. For example, black leather jackets or leather jacket. Under them select a white T-shirt / T-shirt, and out of the shoe prefer massive boots. Additional accessories can be Bag with many rivets and beautiful long / round earrings.

Image of 'biker girlfriends "very sexy, brutal and effect. Try to make it more feminine. For example, choosing a t-shirt / top with a beautiful print or lace trim.

With leather pants and you can create a business image. To do this, select a low profile T-shirt and jacket. It is desirable that they were made in soft pastel colors: pink, yellow, green, etc. Also, as the top can wear a white shirt and a short jacket (gray, black, beige and so on.)..
Today, more and more can be found colored trousersSkin:. blue, maroon, brown, red, etc. Such bright pants should be complemented by a calm riding suitable shade. Mainly pay attention to sweaters, plain T-shirts, shirts, jackets. Color print on the trousers support scarf or stitching on the bag.

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