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From what to wear green bag

From what to wear green bag

Bag green - the original accessory which simply must be present in the wardrobe of the modern fashionista.

However, to combine color, shape and material of such a model should be skillfully.

Bag-bag is suitable for everyday wear orMilitary style. Combine this accessory can be blue or dark blue jeans. If the bag tender green, allowed to supplement the ensemble black or dark gray topic, on top of which you can throw a jacket or coat shortened pastel shades. Shoes should be black and be sure of smooth leather.

For business wardrobe appropriate only dark greenbags, briefcases and handbags elegant discreet shades of green. They can be combined with classic brown trousers and a turtleneck for a few shades lighter companion. Shoes should be dark brown.

For trips to the office, you can safely wear and handbagpistachio colors - it will look great with purple or lilac dress suit. Outerwear is chosen to match the main outfit. Shoes should be black or purple hue, suede or smooth leather.

Extravagant ladies handbag can be combinedAll shades of green tights with a few shades darker than the bag, as well as red or orange leggings or golf. Excellent, but boldly with this bag will look outfit, consisting of a denim mini-skirt, brown golf or stamp, red tights. You can throw a short black leather jacket or wear a shorter coat chocolate color. From shoes fit dark brown ankle boots or high boots with wide tops.

Light green bag can be safely connected to the orange sandals and sundresses light orange or green colors.

The basic rule of combining green bags - in the dress should not present its related color element, green is permissible only in the accessories - earrings, clips, beads or bracelets.

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