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With what to wear a green bag

With what to wear a green bag</a>

Handbag green - an original accessory, which is simply obliged to be present in the wardrobe of a modern fashionista.

True, it is necessary to combine the color, shape and material of such a model skillfully.

For everyday wear, a bag-bag orStyle military. You can combine such an accessory with blue or dark blue jeans. If the bag is a gentle green color, it is allowed to add an ensemble black or dark gray topic, on top of which you can throw a jacket or a short coat of pastel shades. Shoes should be black and must be made of smooth leather.

For a business wardrobe, only dark greenBag-briefcases or elegant reticule of discreet shades of green. They can be combined with classic brown trousers and a turtleneck for several tones lighter than the companion. Shoes should be dark brown.

For trips to the office you can safely carry and handbagPistachio color - it will look great with a purple suit or lilac dress. Outer clothing is selected in the tone of the basic outfit. Shoes should be purple or black, suede or smooth leather.

Extravagant ladies can combine a handbagAll shades of green with pantyhose for a few tones darker bags, as well as with red or orange leggings or golf. Excellent, but boldly with such a bag will look dress, consisting of a denim miniskirt, brown golf or top, red pantyhose. You can throw a short black leather jacket or wear a shortened cloak of chocolate color. From shoes fit dark brown ankle boots or high boots with wide bootlegs.

A salad bag can be safely combined with orange sandals and a light sundress of orange or green.

The main rule of combining a green handbag - in the outfit there should not be related to her in color elements, green color is only allowed in accessories - earrings, clips, beads or bracelets.

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