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With what to wear a waistcoat


With what to wear a waistcoat</a>

Vest - comfortable clothing, borrowed by women in the men's wardrobe.

It will help you look stylish, effective and emphasize your taste.

Vest should be properly combined with other things, given its style and material.

Classic vest: simple combinations

A classic vest is an element of business style. A thing without sleeves can be worn under the jacket or without it. A waistcoat perfectly combines with a skirt, and with trousers, making an ordinary costume more interesting and effective. However, today vests of classic style are fashionable to wear with the most common things.
For example, a waistcoat made from a dense fabric of neutralColor is great for jeans / pants and an elongated T-shirt. It is desirable that the top was feminine: ruches, jabots, laces, etc. are welcomed. So the appearance will look balanced. From the variety of jeans models, skinny or boyfit will be ideal.

Jeans-boyfriends are perfectly combined with classic vests. This set looks brutal, so you should emphasize the femininity of gentle shades, tops and accessories.

Black vest stylists recommend to combine withWhite clothes. This color combination looks very harmonious and stylish. In this case, you do not need to wear formal pants and a shirt. For example, create a set of black short shorts, white cotton T-shirts / T-shirts and brogues.

A huge variety of modern vests

The modern market is filled with vests of variousStyles and styles. For example, blown, fur, leather products are very popular. With the help of such vests, you easily diversify your wardrobe.

Vented waistcoats are an element of sport style. They are great for walking, trips to nature, everyday outings. Combine them with sports suits or jeans and sweaters. The ideal shoes are sneakers / snickers.

Fur women wear waistcoats in different ways. Some put them on top of leather jackets, which allows you to look stylish and not freeze, even in severe frosts. Also, fur vests can become an independent outerwear. Wear them over lengthened sweaters, warm dresses. Do not forget to warm your hands well, for example, with the help of long leather gloves.
Vests made of leather look stern and expensive. To select a texture, combine them with jersey, chiffon, knitted products. For example, a leather vest can be supplemented with a light short dress, and as shoes, choose cowboy style boots (one color with a vest). An effective and laconic image will be obtained if you put the product over the contrasting color of the turtleneck.
Knitted vests also became very popular. They perfectly warm, make an image of home and cute. Knitted vests are worn with checkered dresses, shirts, elongated tunics with leggings. To make the image look stylish, use accessories: belts, leather gloves / mittens, large bracelets.

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