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From what pimples on the cheeks

From what pimples on the cheeks

Acne on the cheeks can appear not only at young people but also older people.

They are often the cause of self-doubt and all because they hide them is not possible.

Malfunction of the sebaceous glands - isthe most common cause of acne on the cheeks. It arises directly from the girls and boys. At this time the body is reconstructed, and often starts to malfunction. To get rid of acne on the cheeks, it is necessary to normalize the sebaceous glands by taking medication. They should appoint a doctor.

The main reasons for the appearance of acne on the cheeks

Heredity is a majorthe causes of pimples on the cheeks. If you notice that your next of kin and oily problem skin, it means that the cause of redness and inflammation on the face in the genes. It can be smoothed using a daily washing with the use of special tools. It is mandatory rubbing skin lotion and application of matting cream, which will monitor the work of the sebaceous glands.
Stress also causes the appearance of acne oncheekbones. The pace of modern life is not very many manage to avoid it. From constant worries and problems, which becomes each time more, the protective function of the body weakens and the skin immediately reacts to such changes. In this case, the medication and the use of special care products is not required, you need to get plenty of rest, walk, enjoy spending time and meditate. All this will cause the skin to normal.

Other causes of acne on cheeks

The dead cells on the skin - this is one ofnumerous causes of pimples on the cheeks. To get rid of them, you need to use a mask for deep cleansing. They can be bought at a pharmacy or make your own based on black or blue clay. It is also recommended to use soft scrub. Well cleanses the skin and tar soap. Using such tools you need on a regular basis.
Improper diet and unhealthy lifestylemay become causes of pimples on the cheeks. In this case, you need to reduce the use of flour, butter, sweet, spicy, smoked. Avoid alcohol and smoking. All this will in a short time to get rid of pimples on the cheeks.

Subcutaneous ticks can affect the condition of the person. Due to the fact that they begin to violent activity on the cheeks there are pimples. To be exactly sure that they are the cause of deterioration of the condition of the skin, hand scraping a dermatologist. If the analysis confirms your fears, dermatologist prescribe treatment. It will be a long, both external and internal. The doctor will prescribe the necessary drugs and ointments.

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