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From what has been made throne of King Solomon

From what has been made throne of King Solomon

The biblical King Solomon, son of David, according toTorah is one of the prophets, the symbol of the judicial and religious wisdom, known not only for what is considered the author of "Ecclesiastes", "Song of Songs" and "Proverbs", but also the fact that his reign came the "golden age" of the kingdom of Israel.

The throne of the ruler separately described in the Book of Kings as the construction, which was not equal.

Description of the throne of King Solomon

Throne of King Solomon is described twice in the OldTestament, or in the Chronicles of Samuel and Chronicles. And there, and there are almost identical description. On the throne is described as a great throne of ivory, inlaid with gold plates and mounted on a footstool of gold, which are the six gold levels. Reference is made there and the arms of gold, and gold lions.

In the New Testament there is no mention of the throne of Solomon, and refers only to the throne of his father David.

In other, not the Old Testament sources said,that in addition to this throne was decorated with precious stones - rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls and topaz, and on the steps leading up to it, there were two animals. In the first stage of the rising to the king waited for the golden lion and a bull, the second - the golden wolf and the lamb, the third - the tiger and camel, also made of gold, decorated with the fourth stage, made of the same metal, peacock and a cat. The fifth and sixth stage decorated golden hawks and doves. Initially, a hawk attacking a dove, at the very throne of the hawk dove carrying in its beak. All these figures were to symbolize the six commandments that the kings of Israel.
Around the throne was a golden menorah - a ritualmenorah, decorated with images of flowers, leaves and petals. For menorah sloped on both sides of the seven golden branches. On the one hand they were engraved with the names of seven of the "fathers of the world", and on the other - seven pious. On either side of the throne were golden chairs - great for the high priest and his assistant and thirty-five to seventy smaller members of the Supreme Court - Sanhedrin. Twenty-four golden vines entwine the throne of King Solomon, forming a huge canopy over it.

A more detailed description of the throne of King Solomon found in the book of Esther.

Such splendor, the abundance of gold and preciousStones already had cause to thrill everyone who saw the throne of King Solomon, but that miracles are not exhaustive. The throne was mounted thousands mechanisms, causes all the animals on the way to the throne of Solomon substitute legs and wings, so that he can rely on them, rising to the throne. When Solomon sat on the throne, on his lap dove flew to the Torah in its beak. According to sources, came to the movement of animals and when before the throne was a false witness, resulting in horror liar and admit making.

Where is the throne of Solomon

According to the Hebrew Scriptures, the throne was seized byNebuchadnezzar and taken to Babylon. When the king tried to ascend to the throne, it ran a lion, and knocked him to the ground, startling him so that repeated attempts to ascend to the throne, Nebuchadnezzar did not take more. Then the throne of Darius was captured and taken to Persia. Next to the throne tried to climb Ahasuerus, who was also defeated. This king ordered a copy of the throne of the Egyptian masters and regulations, sitting on it, and presenting it as the true seat. After the fall of the Egyptian kingdom of the real throne of King Solomon was taken by Alexander the Great. Further traces of this magnificent throne lost.

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