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From the daughter Ksenia Borodina

Marussia - the favorite daughter Ksenia Borodina

Ksenia Borodina - popular TV host, a frequent guest of social events, young and beautiful mother.

She brings a lovely daughter Marusya from his first marriage, which lasted three years.

Relationship with husband

The celebration took place on August 2008wedding party Ksenia Borodina and Yuri Budagova. Relationships in this pair developed rapidly. They decided to sign after six months of dating. Yuri beautifully looked after, he gave gifts, showered with compliments. Their first meeting took place at the Comedy Club transmitting set, and since then, the couple did not separate.
The decision to enter into a legal marriage itrapidly. It was not chosen by chance Date 8.08.2008 beautiful, because both the bride and groom were born the eighth number. Time for training was very little. Places in the registry office in Moscow is not left, so painting was held in the city of Chekhov. There went the entire wedding ceremony.

Wedding Celebration Xenia and Yuri had no publicity. Fans of the popular leading only after some time found out that Borodin married.

Wedding popular leading

The couple decided to give up many traditionsweddings. There was no ransom, loaf, even a dress that ordered bride in Milan did not have time in time to come to Moscow, so we had to ask for help in a conventional wedding salon. But no lining, the rush did not stop to celebrate a wedding in a big way. The party took place at a favorite restaurant Xenia "Noah's Ark". Initially, the couple wanted to get married in a narrow family circle, but the circle has expanded to 70 people, including some of the participants of the show "House 2".

Pretty daughter Maroussia

In June 2009, the happy couple had a daughter Maroussia. It looks very similar to Xenia. If we compare baby pictures moms and daughters, you might think that this is one and the same person.
After three years of marriage Yuri Budagov and XeniaBorodin has officially parted ways, their marriage was dissolved. There was no public litter and the carve-up of the property. Maroussia daughter stayed with her mother on the condition that Borodin will not interfere with the meetings and the father of the child. In an interview Xenia told that Maroussia did not have time to get used heavily to the Pope while he was still living with his family, so the girl is not concerned about their rare meetings. Yuri providing material support to his daughter.
Ksenia Borodina able to raise their own daughter. Its financial position allows us to give the best Maruse. But the father's love, nothing can replace, it also understands Xenia.

Xenia herself grew up in a single-parent family, and knows what it's like to grow up without a father. Borodin unwittingly repeated the fate of his mother.

Mikhail Terekhin - Xenia new boyfriend. Marry him a popular leader in no hurry. They met on the project "House 2" and soon began living together. Michael is very kind to Marusya, as her own daughter. This can be seen from the photographs, falling to the network for all to see. They often leave all together for a vacation abroad, go to different events. I want to believe that happy union will not crack, and the girl will grow up in a loving family full.

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