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Friendship or love between a man and a woman


Everyone in his life at least once thought aboutQuestion: "Is friendship possible between a man and a woman?" The material for this article was the real events that occurred in life. What most people call friendship between a man and a woman is a kind of relationship that begins to be built according to the rules, which suggests that the strongest family was originally created by friendly relations. Friendship between a man and a woman is possible, but very often friends get used to each other and in the future understand that their "friendship" is the strongest union possible, but there is one huge "BUT" ...



In such an alliance it often turns out that inA period of friendly communication, people will recognize all the good and bad sides, as they share with each other everything, tell all the details of their lives. Consider this situation: the girl quarreled with her boyfriend. Begins to call in hysteria to his friend, he tries in every possible way to calm, distract her. She begins to understand that she is well and calm with him. They begin in their way to depend on meeting with a friend, and this is already something that is inexplicable.

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The most interesting thing is that the logical explanationThis situation is and it is quite obvious! From the whole period of communication, it may turn out that one of the friends is in love with another and this, as a rule, can not be called friendship, although the relations between people are within the permissible friendly norm. There are times when a guy falls in love with a friend, without giving a look and giving his love to publicity, he, without even noticing, begins to change and treat his friend more sensitively, she also notices this in her time and she also likes this attitude. In the end, it only remains to wait for the first step from a friend! As soon as this step is taken, these friends will move to a higher level of relations, they become a couple, while remaining friends.

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A small conclusion from the article: The friendship between a man and a woman exists, but not for long, since physiology and chemical processes turn friendship into love! From this it follows that friendship sooner or later becomes love, no matter how hard you try to prove otherwise.

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