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FRENCH cup with pineapple and champagne

French cup with pineapple and champagne

The combination of pineapple champagne is very popular. With such a combination of any beverage becomes exquisite.

Prepare for the French cup cocktail party with these ingredients.

Just to be sure to take cooking cup fresh pineapple, canned will not work this fine drink.

You will need

  • - 1 ananas-
  • - 1500 ml dry shampanskogo-
  • - 500 g konyaka-
  • - 350 g of sugar.



Free ripe pineapple peeled, chop very finely. Put the pineapple on the bottom of the container in which you plan to cook cup.


Just follow the proportions: first lay a thin layer of pineapple, then pour on top of a layer of sugar, then it completely cover the pineapple. Lay out the layers as long as the do not use all the chopped pineapple.


Fill in the blank for the cup brandy, tightly cover the dish with the help of food film, store it in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours, you can be left on all night.


Champagne is a good pre-cool. Remove the cup from the refrigerator, pour the champagne, drink, mix all ingredients together.


Serve French cup with pineapple and champagne in large cups or glasses made of porcelain or glass. Poured cup large spoon or ladle.

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