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Private export as a source of income


Private caravan as a source of income</a>

If you have a car, then you can always earn a small amount of money, from time to time doing private transportation.

However, in this case there are some subtleties, without which knowledge is indispensable.



To earn money by private car,You need only two things: a driver's license and a car. Specifically look for customers you probably will not have to: pick up passengers you can "between business", for example, on the way to work or travel on business.


If you do not know the city well, then in order not toGet lost, and also to choose the shortest route, get a GPS-navigator. This device will save your nerves and help save a lot on gasoline.


Do not stand in anticipation of customers near the places of the bigCongestion of people: airports, railway stations, in the city center. Such places are already divided between taxi drivers. Intervening in their business, if you do not have an acquaintance in this environment, you will seriously risk your car and your health.
Choose places that do not pay attention to taxi drivers - stops, small cafes and restaurants, or just scoot the city in search of customers.


Payment for your services you will installThemselves. To calculate the cost of transportation, you can consider factors such as distance, travel time, presence on the road "traffic jams", the appearance of the client and the time of day. At the same time, one should never go too far - some customers, dissatisfied with the price, get out of the car without paying. And you can not apply to law enforcement bodies, because your activity is not legal.

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