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How to free memory on your smartphone


How to free memory on your smartphone</a>

The RAM of a smartphone, like a computer, requires cleaning, especially if a large number of applications have been launched.

Many programs leave unnecessary "tails", which later remain in memory and affect the speed of the device.

Special utilities are used to remove unnecessary files from RAM.

You will need

  • - KillMe-
  • - Free Memory-
  • - RAM Cleaner



For the Symbian platform, there is a specialThe application KillMe, which allows you to manage even running system applications. Processes that can be safely unloaded are marked with a "*" symbol.


Download the program from the official siteDeveloper and install it on your phone. Run the utility and in the first tab go to "Menu" - "Close all". To delete system processes, go to the appropriate tab.


Android OS manages its ownRandom access memory. The task manager built into the device itself "kills" all unused tasks after a certain period of time. When you click the Home button of the device, the phone saves the application settings to the hard disk, unloading the applications from the RAM. When you return to this application, it is again loaded into temporary storage, and then the saved state is loaded until the last exit. When the device memory is overloaded, the built-in manager automatically "kills" useless processes.


For iPhone developed a large numberResource-intensive applications and games that select a lot of RAM. To free it, you can use the FreeMemory and MemoryStatus task managers.


When you start FreeMemory, you will be shown a graph withThe state of your device's RAM. Memory Status allows you to clear the memory in two steps. The Safari.app process is first removed, and part of the temporary storage is freed. The second stage removes Mail.app, iPod.app, freeing up even more space.


Completion of applications in Windows Mobile isNot always correctly, there are original "leaks" of memory. In order not to restart the device every time, use the RAM Cleaner utility, which will clean up the used services at the specified periodicity. Especially relevant is the use of this program in the event that you often use navigation software and "heavy" games.

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