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FREE program-archiver for Windows

Archive files

Archiver today constitute one of the most popular school programs, as are widely used and have a large number of users.

These programs allow you to perform a variety of tasks when working with files: Compression before encryption, and their number of tens is measured today.

Consider the most popular among the free archiver.



7-Zip. The most popular file archiver opensource. Compression and decompression speed - one of the best. It supports a large number of compression algorithms, multi-threading, encryption, 64-bit systems. The maximum size of a single file - 16 exabytes. It has an API for integration with other applications. He is the winner of several competitions open source software.



FreeArc. Another popular file archiver. Freely distributed and is open source. Designed for 32-bit operating systems. There is support for a large number of algorithms, archive recovery, encryption, work via the Internet. There automatical compression algorithm, depending on the data type. It has plug-ins for popular file managers.

Archiver FreeArc


HaoZip. The Chinese program is to work with the archive file. Distributed free of charge. It has enhanced functionality. It has support for the Russian language, 64-bit systems, multicore, and select the number of processor cores, restore files, themes, notes to files, more than 35 formats, etc. It works in Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 software environment, 8. Actively developed.

Archiver HaoZip


PeaZIP. Another free and free file archiver. It has similar functionality to other archivers and support for all popular compression algorithms. No installation required. In the period from 2006 to 2013 downloaded over 3 million times.

Archiver PeaZIP

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