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A frame house or a house from a gas block?


The house, built with own hands from gas blocks</a>

Houses built on the basis of a frame or from gas blocks have many common positive characteristics.

But there are such differences, on the basis of which they decide which house to build in specific conditions and the region of construction.

For a private developer it is important that his futureThe house was warm and durable. Today, the most popular carcass makers and houses from gas blocks. To make a choice in favor of one of them, it is necessary to understand what advantages each of these types of housing construction has.

Whether to build a house from gas blocks?

Manufacturers of this building material accentuate the attention of developers on several of the main advantages of these porous stones:

- a light weight-
- high speed of erection of walls and ceilings-
- the compliance of the gas block with the processing: it is easily sawed, planed and milled-
- high thermal insulation properties, which provides the porous structure of the stone, which holds the air-
- fire safety of this building material - its undoubted advantage over wooden structures -
- high sound insulation characteristics provide excellent noise absorption of walls from the gas block.

Practice has shown that at home from this materialQuickly and easily built, but have one significant drawback that crosses out all of its numerous virtues: hygroscopicity. Buildings from this stone soak up moisture from the air, which requires a real high-quality waterproofing of walls and ceilings. However, it is clear to every builder that it is not possible to completely isolate the blocks from the environment.

Features of frame houses

The principle of erection of these buildings is as follows: First build a wooden "skeleton" at home, which is made of a bar section of 15/15 cm or 20/20 cm and a trim board 5/20 cm or 4/15 cm. Then, the skeleton is skinned with OSB panels with a thickness of 9 mm, cement-particle boards Or moisture resistant plywood. In the cavity, which is formed between the skin, a heater is laid. The choice here is quite large: mineral wool, sheet foam, polyurethane foam, adobe, sawdust, etc. The advantages of frame houses are as follows:

- quick build-
- excellent heat and sound insulation-
- environmental Safety-
- durability.

Buildings from gas blocks and carcasses have severalGeneral positive characteristics: because of their light weight, they do not require a strong foundation, inexpensive, are built quickly and can be erected by one person without involving assistants. These buildings are comfortable for living and are safe for human health.

What are their data types of housing construction to choose,Decide on the basis of the specific situation: how moist the climate is in the region of residence, whether there are funds for reinforced waterproofing and warming the building from gas blocks, how high the groundwater approaches the surface of the soil (this affects its moisture content), is there any time for pre-treatment of all timber with an antiseptic (Requirement for frame houses) and other specific construction conditions.

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