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Four ways to calm nerves


Four ways to calm nerves</a>

Irritability helps increase blood pressure. This condition is very contagious.

Even without noticing, a person infects the negatives of his loved ones.

There are four ways to remove irritability.

Aromatherapy has a very effectiveInfluence on the nervous system. Many concentrated odorous oils increase the mood, for example, lavender, chamomile, sage oil, sandalwood oil and oregano.

If by the end of the day irritability appears,You need to drop eight or ten drops of oil in a bath filled with warm water and lie in it for a while. You can mix the oil with the body lotion and make a relaxing massage. It is possible to mix the oils you like with each other, depending on your taste.

The "kava" grass, obtained from the PolynesianPlant, has been used for centuries in situations where it was necessary to resolve any disputes. It is very effective for relieving stress, irritability and anxiety. You can purchase it in a pharmacy in the form of tablets or extract and take according to the instructions inside the package.

Physical exercises have a positiveInfluence on the physical and psychological state of the body. At the time of distraction from life experiences, there is a feeling of strength and confidence. Also, sport promotes the formation of endorphins, which block stress and improve mood.

At the slightest sign of fatigue is recommendedGo out into the street where the sun is shining. The workplace should be placed near the window and, if possible, it should open the curtains to get solar energy, since the mood depends on its quantity.

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