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Four ways to calm the nerves

Four ways to calm the nerves

Irritability contributes to high blood pressure. This condition is very contagious.

without noticing it himself, the man infects negative for their loved ones.

There are four ways to remove the spleen.

Aromatherapy has a very effectiveeffects on the nervous system. Many concentrated fragrant oils improve mood, such as lavender, chamomile, sage oil, sandalwood oil, and oregano.

If irritation occurs towards the end of the day,you need to drop eight to ten drops of oil in a bath full of warm water and a little lie down in it. You can mix the oil with body lotion and make a relaxing massage. Perhaps your favorite mix oil with each other, depending on your taste.

Grass "kava", derived from the Polynesianplants, used for centuries in situations where it was necessary to resolve any disputes. It is very effective for stress, anxiety and irritability. It can be purchased in a pharmacy or in the form of tablets according to extract and receive instructions within the package.

Exercise has a positiveimpact on the physical and psychological health. At the session there is a distraction from life's experiences, there is a feeling of strength and confidence. Also, sport contributes to the formation of endorphins, which block the stress and improve mood.

At the slightest sign of fatigue is recommendedgo outside, where the sun shines. The workplace should be placed near the window and the curtains to reveal possible to enter the solar energy, because of its quantity is very dependent on the mood.

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