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FOUNTAIN, an aquarium or a waterfall: what to choose for a home


Fountain, aquarium or waterfall: what to choose for a house</a>

Anyone who deals with the arrangement of the house, wants to bring some zest to it, decorate the interior with something refined and unusual.

Such an ornament can be a fountain, an aquarium or a waterfall.

The only question is what to choose.

We all imagine the word "fountain"Something grandiose and, naturally, expensive. But now the fountain - this is not a sign of luxury. Different firms offer a large selection of fountains, including indoor. Some of them are quite suitable for their size for the smallest room. But the effect of such a fountain will not be the same as a fountain with a diameter of at least a meter. So if there is a choice between a fountain and a waterfall, it is better to choose a waterfall for a small room, for a house with a large hall or hall - a fountain.

Fountains are quite useful: They moisturize and refresh the air in the room, and a pleasant murmur on the person is soothing. As for the appearance, then you can not limit your imagination. The choice of fountains is huge: material, shape, color and even the presence of some music.

If the room is small, then it is better to place itwaterfall. Of course, waterfalls are also large, they can be installed in the lobby. But in general, the waterfall takes up much less space than the fountain, so it's better to install it in a small room. If the fountain is something transparent and flying, the waterfall will give the room a mystery, combined with dark shades in the interior - an association with a secret cave that fits for the hall in a large house.

Materials from which waterfalls are made,Can be the most diverse: metal, stone, even glass. A great number of styles of performance, the waterfall may even be appropriate in a house that is made in an ultramodern style.

If you love animals and agree to take care ofHer, then a good ornament of the interior will be an aquarium with fish. The rectangular small aquariums that have become familiar to us have sunk into oblivion. They are replaced by aquariums of various forms, they can even be built into walls, and sometimes used instead of walls. Exotic fish and underwater plants of amazing beauty will become a true decoration of the house. But it should be understood that the inhabitants of the aquarium and the aquarium itself require much more care and attention than the waterfall or the fountain, which only need to be properly installed and connected. The aquarium is a more traditional part of the interior in the house, but it can easily turn into a real shame for the owners: unlike waterfalls and fountains, the water in the aquarium stagnates, it must be cleaned regularly, and the fish should be fed. So, when acquiring an aquarium, one must realize that this element of the interior needs regular care.

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