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Fountain, aquarium or waterfall: what to choose for the house

Fountain, aquarium or waterfall: what to choose for the house

Any person engaged in furnishing the house, wants to bring him some zest to decorate the interior with something exquisite and unusual.

That can be a decoration fountain, aquarium or waterfall.

The only question is what to choose.

We are all with the word "Fountain" envisionsomething big and, of course, expensive. But now the fountain - that's not a sign of luxury. Different companies offer a large selection of fountains, including room. Some of them are quite suitable in size for the smallest room. But the effect of this fountain is not the same as the diameter of the fountain at least one meter. So if there is a choice between a fountain and waterfall, the best yet for the small room to choose a waterfall, the house with a large room or hall - Fountain.

Fountains are quite useful: They moisturize and refresh the air in the room and a pleasant murmur of a man has a calming effect. As for appearance, then there can not limit your imagination. The choice is huge fountains: material, shape, color, and even the presence of some music.

If a small room, then it is better to putwaterfall. Of course, there are waterfalls, too large, they can be installed in the lobby. But overall, the waterfall takes up much less space than a fountain, so it is better to install a small room was his. If the fountain - it is something clear and flying, the waterfall will give the room the mystery, coupled with dark shades in the interior - an association with a secret cave, which is suitable for the hall in the big house.

The materials of which made waterfalls,can be very diverse: metal, stone, even glass. Veliko number of performance styles, waterfall may be appropriate even in the house, which is made in a very modern style.

If you love animals and agree to take care ofit is a good decoration of the interior will be an aquarium with fish. Gone are the usual rectangular small aquariums for us. They were replaced by tanks of various shapes, they can even be built into the wall, and sometimes used instead of walls. Exotic fish and underwater plants of great beauty will become a true decoration of the house. But it should be understood that the inhabitants of the aquarium and the aquarium itself requires much more care and attention than a waterfall or fountain, which is only required to properly install, connect. Aquarium - it is a traditional part of the interior in the house, but that he can easily turn into a real shame for the owners: in contrast to the waterfalls and fountains, the water stagnates in the aquarium, it must be cleaned regularly, and fish - feed. So, buying an aquarium, it is necessary to realize that this element of the interior needs regular maintenance.

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