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How to format whist

How to format whist

The advent of the new Windows Vista operating system has caused discontent of the masses throughout the world.

Despite all its beauty and convenience of the new interface, there a large number of defects and errors were found.

The result: many users abandoned it in favor of the old version of Windows XP.

You will need

  • Windows XP installation CD or Seven
  • another computer



To remove Windows Vista from a hard disk is,many ways. If you have the opportunity to connect your drive to another computer, do so. Start the operating system on the second computer and right click on the hard drive on which you installed Vista. Select "Format" and then start the process of removing all of the information from this section.

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Another way to remove Windows Vista fromthe computer is formatted partition during the installation of the new operating system. Insert the Windows XP or Seven installation disc in the drive. At the start of the boot, press F8, and in the window that appears, select your DVD-ROM drive. It is necessary to start the drive, instead of the operating system.

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When the process of determining the parameter settingscomes to selecting a local disk partition, you need to do the following: select the partition where you installed Windows Vista and click "Format." If you stop at this point and turn off the computer, the hard drive will remain traces of Windows XP or Seven. Therefore, this method is usually used when you do decide to install one of these operating systems.

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