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How to format the memory card

How to format the memory card

Often many memory card problems are easily eliminated by a simple format the card.

This simple procedure can helpdifferent? glitches ?, slow work with the card, it will help and surplus of unnecessary information. Sometimes it is easier to format the card, before you save the necessary information than a long time to remove unnecessary accumulated debris.

Sometimes before using the card after purchase is required to carry out its formatting? to a device that will work with it, could properly accept this card.

You will need

  • To perform this procedure, you will need a card reader with the ability to read your type of card and a computer with a Windows operating system.



Insert the card into the card reader, connect the card reader to USB? Port on your computer.

Click the? My Computer ?. the new drive will appear in the window list of disks? this is your card.


Open the map by double-clicking the left mouse button. Copy or move all of the information you need, which is now on the map. After formatting, all information previously contained on the card will be destroyed.


Again, open the folder? My Computer ?.
Right-click on your imagecards. You will see a drop-down menu. In this menu choose item? Format ?. Window appears with formatting options. For cards that are larger than 2GB makes sense to change only the point? Volume Label ?. You can write there name for your card. For maps of smaller volume it is desirable to change the file system. In the drop-down menu of the item, select the FAT or FAT 16.
You can then press the button? To start ?. Do not interrupt the formatting process. After its completion the system will display a window? Format Complete ?. Only then can disable the card reader and start to use the card.

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