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How to format a disc

How to format a disc

Often there are situations when a PC user can not record any information on a DVD-RW or CD-RW format.

This problem most often occurs due to the lack of formatting operations.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Disc.



To format disc on a PC, you can usein several ways. As a rule, the computer operating system has built-in hardware, which allow no problem to format any media that is in the computer or the drive is connected through the USB port.


Insert the disc into your computer. Then wait until the system will automatically scan. As a rule, there are cases where a user has to go to the folder "My Computer". Next, locate the drive letter that corresponds to the ingot is inserted into the drive. For example, it can be called as "Disk H» or something like that.


Next click on it right mouse button andclick on the shortcut menu titled "Formatting". This operation allows you to completely format the media. It is also worth noting that all of the information from this disk will be completely removed. If you do not have it have any data, move it to another carrier or to a local drive of a personal computer.


You will need to wait a few minutes until thethe system will complete the disk formatting. Once the operation is completed, the system will notify you. Also do not forget that the disks in this format can be formatted and overwritten many times. However, statistics show that it is not necessary to use these types of vehicles more than three times as further recording of information is performed with a variety of bugs, and the disk surface is very much spoiled.


In general it can be said that the format disc on a computer is not difficult, because there are all installed instruments to carry out such an operation. Can cope even a novice user.

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