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How to format text in Word

How to format text in Word

Text formatting in Microsoft Word is a major and integral part of the drafting of the final text.

Basic Formatting is more or less known to most users, but there is a kind of secrets that will help to format text quickly and qualitatively.

Text formatting in Microsoft Word isthe main part of the preparation of the final text. It is due to formatting, the user can create a good, high-quality text, which will meet all requirements. The text must be sure to format it is in this case, if all the characters in the text are the optimal size, spacing, and so on will be at the proper level, the material itself will be read and understood much easier and at the same time will be spent, of course, smaller. Thus, it turns out that the formatting will help the reader understand the text content effortlessly.

Key aspects of the format

Of course, to feed material wasa high level, the text on the page you want to align and set the appropriate interval between the lines, that is, to change the location of the text on the page. To change the default settings, you need only select a word or a piece of text to be modified. Then you need to select the parameters that you need to align. The new values ​​are set on the "Home" tab, where there is a "Paragraph" field.

In the "Paragraph", there are several buttons that help you align text: left, center, right, as well as in width. Alignment is done by pressing the left mouse button.

The interval can be of two types: between lines and between paragraphs. In the corresponding icon ( "Line Spacing") in the "Paragraph" field, you can easily pick up the necessary values ​​or define your own. After selecting the text to be changed, it is necessary to choose the button "Line Spacing", then menu appears where the user will be asked to change the line spacing and paragraph spacing. It should be noted also that absolutely all the values ​​in Microsoft Word can be set independently.

Input of values ​​may be in the same field"Passage", where in the bottom right corner of the field is an arrow button, and then pressing the panel appears. In the panel that appears, you can set your own parameters and see the results.

Indents and tabs

An important aspect of the entire text formattingThey are indentations and protrusions. Padding is used to select the first line of a paragraph, and the projection is a so-called "negative indent". In the event that will change the paragraph indentation, then the paragraph will move to the right. The protrusion, in turn will move first row to the left of the paragraph. Change the value of the indentation and the protrusion can be easily in the "Paragraph" panel. To change the settings, you must use the buttons "Increase Indent" and "Decrease Indent".

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