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How to format the phone


How to format the phone</a>

At this point in time, information technology is developing at great speed, but various failures also make themselves felt.

Often cellular phones break down, or hang from receiving information.

In such cases, it is worth formatting the entire phone.

To perform this operation, you need to follow certain rules.

You will need

  • Phone



This formatting option will simply reset all settings to standard settings and clear the phone. Dial the command "* # 7370 #" in the standby mode on the phone.


The phone will prompt you to confirm the initial settings. Click "Yes"


Next, he will ask for the phone lock code (by default it is 12345). Enter this code.


Once you enter the password, the phone will reboot. After the reboot, the default settings will be installed. The phone is formatted.


You can also use another method.


Copy all data using PC Suite. It can be downloaded from the Internet.


Remove all suspicious, newly installed software from the phone.


Next, turn off your phone.


Do not turn on the phone, but press three keys simultaneously: the green key (it's the call button), the key 3 (with the number three), and the key with the asterisk (lower left).


Now turn on the phone, also holding three buttons.


Wait for the splash screen to appear with the change notification. Your phone is fully formatted. In general, we can say that formatting the phone does not take long.

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