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How to format a USB flash drive with the virus

How to format a USB flash drive with the virus

USB-drives are used for temporary storage of files and to move information from one computer to another.

Flash drives are usually connected to various computers at work and at a party, so it is quite usual to find them a virus.

Therefore, from time to time necessary to do a therapeutic format media.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Administrator rights.



Connect the USB-drive to the computer. Wait until the device is determined by the system and the corresponding section of the letter will appear in "My Computer." If your antivirus immediately reported the threat, let it "cure" viruses. Right-click on the icon "My Computer" and select "Manage." In the resulting window, in the left-hand side, select "Disk Management." Wait until the operating system collects information about all the media, and bring it to the utility window.


Locate the list of devices in your USB flash drive. Click on her list, right-click and select "Format." The program prompts you to enter the volume label (the name of the carrier that will be displayed next to the partition letter) and select the type of file system. Leave the cluster size to the checkbox "Default", and uncheck "Quick Format". If you have little time, leave the box, but in this case will not happen hardware removal of information, but only overwritten circuit structure of the stick, and it just "forget" about the information stored on it.


Click OK, accept the warning systemof the impending removal of the entire contents of the section. Wait until the formatting process. If your flash drive more than one section, repeat the process for each. Format the flash media can also from the command line using the format command. To do this, click on the button "Start". Then click on "Run." Enter format / fs: [type of system] and press enter if you want to format the partition from the command line.


If you need to format the othermedia, then do it that way. It is also worth noting that after formatting, it is best to check the vehicle for viruses. Check once all computer disks and registry to be fully confident in the security of information.

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