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How to make an agreement on part-time

How to make an agreement on part-time

Persons who have reached eighteen years of age, have the right toapply for additional work at the place of primary production or for another employer. Internal or external moonlighting going on in their spare time.

Even if an employee gets a job part-time in your organization, along with the employment contract on the basic work, it is necessary to issue the contract concurrently.

You will need

  • - Two forms of labor dogovora-
  • - Enterprise printing.



Approved forms of employment contract onconcurrently concluded for a fixed term (fixed-term contract) or an indefinite period does not exist. But there are fundamental issues that must necessarily be reflected in the contract.


The header indicates the number of the employment contract,town, where he composed and compilation date. It then identifies the parties between which the contract is concluded. By enterprises, regardless of ownership, is the head of the authorized to enter into such contracts. And toward the worker - a person shall be employed in combination.


In the "General Provisions" and "Subject of the contract"necessarily reflect the work the employee is working part-time. It also defined, in which department (structural subdivision, department, etc.), and what position is taken the employee up to the location of his workplace. In the same part of the contract is required to stipulate for how long an employment contract: a definite or indefinite. Also, it sets the date from which the worker must get to work, and for fixed-term contracts and the termination of the contract specified date.
If an employee under a contract set a trial period, all the conditions for this event, as found in & nbsp- «General Provisions" and "Subject of the contract"


Rights and obligations of employees and employersare reflected in the relevant parts of the contract. In the "rights and obligations" described that must comply with the employee and the employer to have the right to demand, in accordance with what and how can act on what may qualify. And the employee and the employer should be noted that they have the right to change or terminate the contract in accordance with the provisions of the labor legislation.


The employment contract for part-time& Nbsp-must include such parts as "working time and leisure time." The "working time" indicates the length of the working week and daily work, the number of days of the working week and on weekends. Immediately determined schedule of the working day (beginning, end, break) and specifies the conditions for the use of annual leave and leave without pay.


An integral part of the employment contract is"Labor Payment", which specifies what constitutes employee salary (the salary or wage rate), the size of the installed base salary (wage rate), depending on the salary (wage rate) for full-time. If it provided for specified compensation for heavy work and work with harmful and (or) dangerous working conditions additional payments, incentive payments or allowances. In this part it is also determined by the frequency, period, and the period of payment of wages and vacation posobiy- lists where and what deductions are made from wages (taxes, insurance premiums).


The contract specifies the conditions & nbsp-,defining the nature of the work (Corporate, in a way or another). The employment contract may include additional parts and final provisions pertaining to the employee's work concurrently. At the end of the contract must be & nbsp- specify the details of the parties. Registration of the employment contract on part-time ends, the employee and the employer put their signatures to two copies of the agreement. Both agreements sealed by the organization. At the instance of the employer the employee leaves the mixing that has received the copy of the contract on his hands.

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