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How to make a contract for the land

How to make a contract for the land

Before you execute the contract on land, you need to determine what kind of deal you arrange: taking land as a gift, take on lease or buy it.

The most popular form is a contract of sale.

This two-sided document, which is signed by the buyer and seller.



Note that you can sell or buy only theplot of land, which is put on record in Rosreestra has a cadastral number and passport. Before or at the time of registration and a section is assigned a unique address. In that case, when the site was not put on topographic surveys, conduct work on its surveying, during which determined the coordinates of the turning points that make up its boundaries.


Certifying documents on the ground areappendix to the contract. Such document is considered to be the act of state ownership. The documents confirming this right, which were issued before the new law on registration in 1997, also considered valid.


Note that the object of the contract -plot was detailed and clearly described in the text. Be sure to include the address of the site, its cadastral number, area, land category, in which it is located, as well as its purpose. For the seller and the buyer must specify not only the name, surname and patronymic, but all the passport data. If the seller or the buyer is a legal entity, indicate its full name, VAT number, legal address, number of the certificate of state registration in the register, as well as information on legal capacity.


The law does not require mandatorycertify the sales transaction at the notary, therefore, the contract can be concluded in a simple manner and only the seller and the buyer signed. But the deal will be considered concluded only after will be registered in Rosreeste and the buyer will receive at the hands of a document certifying his ownership of the land - the act of state. To err, execute the contract in the presence of a notary, who will check and correct its registration.

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