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How to form the authorized capital

How to create authorized capital

The formation of the authorized capital is a mandatory procedure for registration of the enterprise, as it appears some assurance company's ability to meet its obligations.

If the company owns some property, then it can expect more trust from creditors.



Review the requirements for the authorized capital,"On Limited Liability Companies" established by law №14-FZ, dated February 8, 1998. Legally regulated, that the size of the authorized capital shall not be less than one hundred times the amount of the minimum wage, which is determined by the federal law in force at the date of submission of documents for registration of the enterprise. This value is negligible and will not be able to safeguard the interests of creditors, but at the same time enables a person without great cost to open a business.


To invest in the share capital can be money,securities, property rights and other things and tend to get a monetary value under Article 15 of the Law №14-FZ. Provide the registration documents for the funds to be used for formation of the authorized capital. If you plan to invest, you need to open for the enterprise at the bank savings account, which will be posted later this amount.


Pay at the time of registration of the enterprise does notless than half of the formed authorized capital. The rest of the members of the organization shall be paid within the first year. If this obligation is violated, it is necessary to declare a reduction of the share capital and carry out the procedure of registration changes, according to the established order. If this is not done in a certain period of time, it may be decided to terminate the activities of the company by liquidation.


Go bureaucratic procedurestate registration if the decision to increase the authorized capital. Invest in your company only in this way is necessary, since the financial aid to businesses subject to income tax and value added tax, which will significantly reduce your investment. & Nbsp-

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