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How to forgive an offender


How to forgive an offender</a>

Our life is arranged in such a way that every day we have to deal with people who, involuntarily or unwittingly, offend us. Attitudes toward such moments are different for all.

The most important thing in such situations is to be able to forgive the offender.



Do not focus on the situation in which youOffended. Yes, you can endlessly think and sort through the smallest details in your head, but in the end these actions will lead to nothing. Release it, try to forget and forgive your Abuser.


Do not bear the vengeance plan. You will spend much more strength and nerves, reflecting on the retaliatory strike. Do not imagine how this will happen, because it will not be easier for anyone.


Do not be angry with the person who offended you. Evil people more often suffer from various diseases - peptic ulcer of the stomach, nervous disorders. You do not want to hurt, do you? So forgive this man and wish him all the best.


Draw conclusions from the event that happened toAgain do not step on the same rake. But, try to forget about it. Forgive, you will find it easier to live than to live with resentment and anger in your heart. Let the person who has made this mistake in your relationship, is tormented and worried. If he asks you for forgiveness - do not hesitate and forgive.


Remember that kindness is a wonderfulQuality, which is necessary for every person for a harmonious life and peace of mind. Malice, on the other hand, takes away a lot of strength and energy. Sometimes it's hard for a person to forgive, it's like he can not cross himself. We are all different, someone so raised parents, so blame yourself for this is not necessary. In this case, you need to work on yourself and learn to forgive. Common sense, objective analysis of the situation, the prevalence of kindness over anger are aspects that will help you forgive Abuser.

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