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How to forgive and to forget

How to forgive and to forget

Wise people say that everything can be forgiven.

Perhaps reluctantly we will be able to forgive his neighbor betrayal, treason, insulting words, but the sediment remains in the soul.

How "healed" mental injury than cover the inexorable sadness and grief?



The main rule - you must forgive the offender fromI sincerely, sincerely and from the heart. When we forgive, "artificial", a cute smile, and my heart continued to scrape the cat and hurt us even deeper into populated, and it will not be easy to forget.


How to forgive an insult orforget it, it appears, knows our subconscious. With the projection of thoughts a person is able to change their perception of the world through 180 degrees. Work with imagination. Imagine your abuser in a fairy-tale prince who bewitched evil demon. Of course, he does not understand what they do, well, you know this fact, it is not necessary to conceal his resentment.


Release the situation. No need to remember the incident unfortunate misunderstanding daily. His thoughts you once again return to the unpleasant events and mentally give it new life. Is nice to experience sadness, day after day? Everything depends on you. Do not look back on offense to help new meetings and acquaintances, new interests and change of habitual environment.


If new events are not knocking on your life,then create them yourself. Take, finally, for the study of a foreign language. In your group, you are sure to find a pair of cute students, which will be fun not only in teaching, but also walking, for example. You should show a little initiative, and by insulting the memories of the past is not a trace remains.


Imagine that your abuser sincerely repenteddeed and asks you to forgive him. He does not do so in reality only because it is very embarrassing. Such is often the case, and all the people living on earth, are not sinless. Today, you are forgiven, and tomorrow - you.

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