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How to forget and forgive myself for past mistakes

Thoughts about the past can poison life

It happens that the errors committed by man in the past, do not give him no rest.

Again and again, he thought back to bygone events, tormented by shame, resentment and inability to turn back the clock.

If you have the same situation, find a way to find inner harmony and let go of what it once was.

Spend analysis

Sometimes a man remembering an event,returns it to the same time and then to another. He suffers from the mistakes, but does not attempt to assess the situation as a whole. If you want to let go of the past, spend a detailed incident analysis. Take into account all the circumstances. Try strictly myself not to try and look at your own behavior as if from the outside.
Surprisingly, some people are mucheasy on someone else's misdeeds than to their own. If that is the case, imagine that your mistakes committed by someone else, and think, how would you assess what has happened and blame the main character of the story.
Take into account the motives which youled. Sometimes people can easily judge yourself in the past, forgetting that if their thoughts and feelings were busy doing other things than in the present. Do not think that in those days you were worse. It's just that you were the circumstances different from today's. Do not be so self-critical person.

The negative character

Sometimes the past torments those who are in everything and everywhereIt aims to be the best. A sort of complex excellent pupil or honors prevents forgive myself for some offenses. You are not perfect, as the people around you. Take it as a given. Stop worry that you did something wrong or supposedly ruined his reputation.
Allow yourself to be bad, admit thatat some point you went against society, the system. If you now doing well, what tormented past? Yes, you went on about their weakness, yes, you have vices, such a person you are, no better and no worse than others. This assumption helps to cope with the pain and guilt. It is worth to clarify that we are not talking about the need to build their own shortcomings in a cult, but a way to forget about the past through the self-acceptance.

Vows for the future

It is important to learn from the situation, which does not giveyou peace of mind. Perhaps you do not believe in yourself, do not trust yourself. Make the right conclusions from what happened, and adjust their own behavior. If you run it does not work, perhaps you need to seek professional help. After all, when the individual realizes that it prevents him to live, but can not fight it, it runs the self-destruction process.
Maybe your anxiety about errorsthe past is quite understandable, and you're just afraid to again get into trouble. Support Group and the willpower to help you cope with a difficult situation. The main thing - to believe in their own capabilities and the fact that you can get rid of the past.

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