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How to make forests


So the scaffolding looks like</a>

Install scaffolding is necessary whenConstruction of any house. If you have already entered the house and the facade is not finished yet, then do not leave the forest so that they do not spoil the appearance of the house for many years.

To finish the finishing of the house, you can build scaffolds, from which you can do the necessary work at any height.



For the manufacture of scaffolding scaffolding is not so muchMany materials. They are not connected with the structure. You can install and disassemble it in a very short time. At the end of work, they can be disassembled and stored until the next alteration.


The main element of scaffolding? Envelopes, which are triangular pads. To begin with, you need to knock off the L-shaped brackets from the board-50s, you need to sew them on the sides with thinner edging boards (for example, with a section of 25 * 100mm). The size of one shelf-bracket should be approximately 400 mm. If you do less, there may not be enough space for the flooring, and if more, you risk tearing off the envelopes from the support wall, which is very dangerous for a forest worker.


For the creation of decks, you will need 2 supports from boards-fifties (50 * 150mm). The lower ends of them sharpen and rest against the ground.


At the level where the decks are installed, the brackets are fixed with vertical nails to the wall of the house with nails. Do not clog them to the end, so that it's easier to remove when dismantling the structure.


There is an easier way. Take 2 racks of a thick board, one end of which you dig in the ground, and the other to attach to the wall with nails. Now, upstairs, take the boards out of the deck and nail them to the boards that are nailed to the posts across. From a board of 40x100 it is possible to build a strong shield a platform in length in 3 meters. Agree that on a long platform it is much more convenient to work than with a ladder.

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