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For what reasons do not take into the army

For what reasons do not take into the army

The army did not take people who have certain grounds for exemption from conscription.

As these grounds the law defines the state of health, the presence of the victims in the military relatives, criminal records and some other circumstances.



The reasons for exemption from military servicecall lists in the federal law "On Military Duty and Military Service." Based on the provisions of this regulation, there are several categories of citizens, who are not subject to appeal. This exemption from the army should not be confused with a delay, because the presence of deferral does not preclude an appeal in the future.


It should be borne in mind that the military service is notWe urge those citizens who have reached the legal age, exempt from the duty. So, after the twenty-seven years a citizen are not allowed to call. In addition, illegal to carry out any recruiting activities with those persons who have not attained the age of eighteen.


One of the main reasons for the complete liberation of theArmy considered the recognition of unfit, partially fit for military service due to poor health. This setting determines the importance of these categories validity as those recruits who established the category of "temporarily unfit" are getting only a brief respite. Also, do not call upon those individuals who already had served, in some cases, it may be allowed the performance of military duties in another state.


A separate ground for exclusion of executionConscription is the availability of an advanced degree. It is therefore not called upon to join the army PhD, Doctor of Science, and the scope of their activities does not matter. On the decision to call family ties can influence, because the law specifically prohibits urge sons, brothers of those soldiers who were killed died in the performance of military duty, received injury or disease, which subsequently led to their death.


Also, do not be called up for military service thosecitizens who have a criminal record. This conviction should be unwithdrawn, outstanding, resulting from the commission of any offense. This category also includes those citizens of military age who are serving sentences, expressed as correctional work, arrest, imprisonment, the mandatory work, restriction of freedom. Finally, the army is not calling for the suspects, the accused, that is, those for which realized the preliminary investigation procedure, the inquiry.

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