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For whatever reasons do not take in the army


For what reasons do not they enlist in the army</a>

The army does not take citizens who have certain grounds for exemption from draft.

As the indicated grounds, the law determines the state of health, the presence of dead relatives in military service, criminal record and some other circumstances.



Reasons for exemption from military serviceAppeal are listed in the Federal Law "On Military Duty and Military Service". Proceeding from the provisions of this normative act, it is possible to single out several categories of citizens who are not subject to conscription. At the same time, the exemption from the army should not be confused with the postponement, since the presence of a deferral does not exclude the appeal in the future.


It should be borne in mind that military service is notThose citizens who have reached the age established by law who is exempt from the corresponding duty are called upon. So, after reaching twenty-seven years of age, a citizen is not allowed to be called. In addition, it is illegal to carry out any recruiting activities with those who have not reached the age of eighteen.


One of the main reasons for the completeThe army is considered a confession not suitable, limited to service due to poor health. At the same time, it is of decisive importance to establish precisely these categories of validity, since those conscripts who are assigned the category "temporarily unfit" receive only a short delay. Also, those persons who have already served have not been called on, and in some cases the performance of military duty in another state can be counted.


A separate reason for excluding executionMilitary duty is the presence of a scientific degree. That is why the candidates of sciences, doctors of sciences are not enlisted in the army, and the sphere of their activity does not matter. The decision on the appeal can also be affected by kinship ties, since the law specifically prohibits the summoning of sons and siblings of those servicemen who died, died in the performance of military duties, suffered a disability or a disease that subsequently led to their death.


In addition, they are not conscripted into military serviceCitizens who have a criminal record. At the same time, the criminal record must be uncollected, unpaid, received because of the commission of any crime. This category also includes those citizens of draft age who serve sentences expressed in correctional labor, arrest, deprivation of liberty, compulsory work, and restriction of freedom. Finally, the suspects, the accused, that is, the persons against whom the preliminary investigation and inquiry procedures are being implemented, are not summoned to the army.

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