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Why do people read


Since the invention of the printing pressThe distribution of books grew faster every decade. Today, paper carriers are gradually moving to the background, but the reading itself remains. The question of the functions of reading in a person's life is quite extensive, but among the set, several main categories can be distinguished.

First of all, reading is education. The material on the paper carries a lot of useful information that a person must know for a successful existence in the world. So, not a single schoolboy can do without textbooks, no student writes coursework and prepares for exams without a monograph or manual taken from the library. Thanks to reading, adults improve their professional level, get an opportunity for self-education. In addition to practical skills, many professions require a good theoretical foundation. Reading helps to acquire new knowledge and skills. Reading people have literacy and a vast vocabulary. It is reading helps to increase literacy, because running through the rows of eyes, you use visual memory, which helps when writing text to restore commas, correctly combine words and build sentences. Well-read people often have the right speech, do not abound in parasitic words, their vocabulary consists of much more words than those who do not read. Reading teaches you to analyze information and independently assess the facts. This ability helps to better navigate in life, understand what is happening around and perceive the world around them in a real and objective way. In addition to the listed items, people read</a> Also in order to distract from everydayWorries. Reading is a great entertainment that does not require material and energy costs. After reading a few pages, a person is able to move to another era, the world and even into space. Readers are distinguished by an expanded outlook. They do not see the usual boundaries and are able to think globally, because reading opens up huge opportunities for them.

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