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What is the store used for?


The pantry is the necessary premise of a modernHome, which stores everything you need and not very much. Properly equip the pantry, so as not to turn it into a dump of unnecessary things, you can, if you determine its purpose, location and design.



If you bought a new apartment or are going toDo repairs, then do not rush to demolish the pantry to increase living space. With each year of life, the number of things will increase, and store them somewhere you need.


The most common method of locationPantry is a place near the front door and kitchen. This place will suit, if you are going to store in it household appliances, seasonal things, home preparations. Storage for storing old or seasonal clothes and shoes is better to place as an additional cabinet. The room of one of the rooms, the deadlock of the corridor, the space above the door, the closet - these are all options for the location of the pantry.


The pantry is used to store seasonal items(Umbrellas, skis, sledges, bicycles, etc.), household appliances (vacuum cleaner), construction tools, clothes, shoes, household preparations, including food, vegetables, canned food, spices, etc. In addition, you can use a pantry As a place where you will store laundry and iron it. If you use the pantry space rationally, then you can easily find the necessary things in it.


In the pantry there must be racks,Shelves or extendable modules. The most important thing is that everything in the pantry should be securely secured. Shelves and shelves can sign to know where this or that object is.


At the bottom place shelves for shoes and a specialSection, designed to store the vacuum cleaner. Middle pantry shelves take under the items that you most often use. There should be boxes for clothes, a shelf with tools, a laundry basket. On the upper shelves add up little used things (suitcases, boxes, old children's things, etc.). Vertically on the door to the pantry you can place mops and brooms. Separate place for storing the ironing board. If the pantry space allows, then equip the shelves for storing cans with home billets.


Consider the original design ideas for the pantry. You can place in it a small office, which will have a table with a computer, as well as books and magazines.


Another interesting version of the equipment pantry- This is a dressing room, which will allow you to place clothes and shoes with maximum comfort. In such a room, you can easily find the thing you need. In the dressing room you can put things to care for clothes and shoes, ironing board, etc.


For men involved in repair and lovingA pantry can replace a workshop where tools and materials will be stored. In addition, your children with great pleasure will be engaged in such a room handicrafts.

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