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For what is valued oregano

What is valued oregano

Oregano interesting fragrant flower growers for elegant crimson-purple-pink long flowering buds. It is valued for medicinal qualities.

For a wealth of flavor and unique taste of the plant is used cooks.

In folk medicine without oregano simply can not do.

Oregano - spicy vegetable plant fromfamily Labiatae (yasnotkovyh). Plants with erect stems bear hat lush inflorescences, which are painted in pink and purple tones with original flavor.

Sliced ​​young leaves give dishesdelicious and unique flavor. If you add them to the dish of potatoes or beans, peas - they find unique and unforgettable taste. In the old days of the spice improved taste of boiled meat. When preparing homemade sausages, it was just the most popular herbs, for what it called "sausage". Grass in the structure has a lot of vitamins, minerals, essential oils.

And what a great brew made with oregano onRussia. Even now it is prepared in the villages. Kvass saturate and enjoy a luxurious smell in the sultry heat. Fine lovers pochaёvnichat brewed tea with oregano. She and my heart calm, and warm the soul. For welding take flowers and young shoots.

Tea oregano has healing properties with colds as a diaphoretic. It strengthens the nervous system, digestion. It improves appetite.

In folk medicine, herb use for various women's diseases, hence it was called the motherboard.

Oregano is used to compress and flavoring baths. It comes in various herbal pharmacy fees.

The perfume industry is obtained from grass essential oils, which are added in the production of colognes and eau de toilette.

The dyeing production it is used to receive the dyes. So, from the color turns orange and red. From the stems - brown.

Oregano is an excellent honey plant. During flowering it is well on the site attracts bees.

Florists like this fragrant herb for ruggedness, hardiness and long blooming. Many call it the winter marjoram.

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