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What is natural oxygen used for?


Oxygen is the most common product inenvironment. According to scientists, it is in water - 89% of its total mass, in air - 23%, in minerals - about 50%. Oxygen is necessary for all living things for normal activity. And its role is quite important.

What is natural oxygen used for?
Oxygen is actively used for breathing. And this is its main function. It is also necessary for other processes that normalize the activity of the whole organism as a whole.

What is oxygen for?

Oxygen is the key to the successful performance of a number of functions, including:
- Increased mental performance-
- increasing the body's resistance to stress and reducing nervous loads-
- maintaining a normal level of oxygen in the blood, thereby improving the nutrition of skin cells and organ-
- the work of internal organs is normalized, the metabolism-
- increased immunity-
- weight loss - oxygen promotes active cleavage of fat-
- normalization of sleep - due to the oxygen saturation of the cells the body relaxes, the sleep becomes deeper and lasts longer-
- Solution of the problem of hypoxia (ie lack of oxygen).

Natural oxygen, according to scientists and physicians, is quite capable of coping with these tasks, but, unfortunately, in a city with enough oxygen, problems arise.

Scientists say what is needed to ensureNormal life activity, the amount of oxygen can be found only in forest park areas, where its level is about 21%, for country forests - about 22%. Other areas include seas and oceans. Plus in the city the role is played also by exhaust gases. Due to the lack of the proper amount of oxygen, people have a permanent state of hypoxia, i.e. Oxygen deficiency. As a result, many note a significant deterioration in health.

Scientists have determined that 200 years ago from the air a person received up to 40% of natural oxygen, and today this figure has decreased by 2 times - up to 21%.

How to reimburse natural oxygen

Since natural oxygen is clearly notEnough, doctors recommend adding special oxygen therapy. Contraindications for such a procedure do not exist, but the benefits will be for sure. Among the sources of additional oxygen include oxygen cylinders and pillows, concentrators, cocktails, oxygen-forming cocktails.

In addition, in order to obtain the maximum possibleThe amount of natural oxygen, you need to breathe properly. Usually people are breathing, but this method is wrong and unnatural for a person. This is due to the fact that when inhaling the chest the air can not completely fill the lungs to clean them. Doctors say that chest breathing provokes incorrect functioning of the nervous system. Hence, stress, depression and other types of disorders. To feel good and get as much oxygen as possible from the air, you need to breathe your belly.

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