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For what is love Krasnodar

For what is love Krasnodar

The capital of Kuban - the southern Russian city with a unique flair, bustling, charming and very home.

Coming here for the first time, once you understand: this house.

Moscow does not leave the impression that the profit from this post and will soon be asked politely.

In Krasnodar is all his, native, and also very interesting.



Red Street. One of the most if not the most beautiful and beloved citizens and visitors of Krasnodar. A significant part of the attractions that are "business card" of the city, is located here. It Shura Lida, reading or break an outline, a monument to the 200th anniversary of Catherine II - the famous bell inside which all offer to make a wish and throw a coin.

One of the buildings in the Krasnaya. It is a library


On the Theatre Square is singing fountain,however, he only sings on weekends, other times just dancing. Starting the Red Street public garden, around which are located the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, County Council and a monument to Ekaterina II, built in 1907 and destroyed after 13 years. On the street Red many beautiful buildings in the beginning of XX century, to look at that - a special treat for lovers of architecture. By the way, the weekend street passes completely into the power of pedestrians - the traffic here overlap.


Sunny Island. If you look at a map, it will be seen that it is literally an island, it is located on the Lake Old Kuban. On the island, a large amusement park, pine and deciduous wood, planetarium, on the lake, you can relax with a sports entertainment - come here to play volleyball, and table tennis, engaged on simulators.

On the shore of the Old Kuban


That's what they say about the history of the park onofficial website: "Land by the river Kuban area 321 tithing, 160 square yards, June 14, 1876 was transferred to the hereditary property of Martha Holovaty - the widow of the famous Kuban writer, an artillery officer, Colonel Holovaty. In the early twentieth century, the land bought well-known businessman of German descent, a member of the Board of Trustees of the 1st Ekaterinodar girls' school Adolf Nikolaevich Rokkel. A clever gardener - employed not only for the sake of aesthetic pleasure bred trees, but that the island was accessible to the public. He connected it to the mainland by three wooden bridges, fat plowed black earth, started the first-class economy. " And thanks to him now Sunny Island is part of the compulsory program of recreation Krasnodar and their guests.


Safari Park. On the Sunny Island is paradise - Krasnodar Zoo. Here the animals as far as possible, creating a close to the natural habitat. The eyes of visitors, only entered the territory appears pond with blooming lotus flowers are so beautiful, that in front of them to kneel. African street with monkeys, camels and the behemoth meets sounds of tom-toms and immediately plunges into the atmosphere of a safari.

Guanaco very fond of carrots


Picturesque lake with swans, which isLemur Island, well and in good weather, but rain is truly magical. On it you can ride on an Indian canoe. But the most interesting begins with about 16-30 and lasts about an hour. At this time, the zoo staff conducted a demonstration for the feeding of certain animals and birds - hippo, guanaco, hyenas, giraffes, Kala.


Guanaco Visitors can even feed themselves withhands. This game is especially popular, because it is very rare inhabitant metropolis can so clearly feel the connection with the unique world of wildlife. Such feeding accompanied by stories about the peculiarities of existence zoo wards, their individual characteristics of the character, of the laws of life of a particular species. The combination of benefit and pleasure - that's what a trip to the Safari Park.

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