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What is a male bra for?


Once the ancient Roman warriors proudly woreNumerous straps, laces and plates that not only covered the chest from enemy swords and spears, but also emphasized its masculinity. And who could then know that after a century the military uniform will become ... a female bra</a>Ohm? In translation from the German bra means "holder of the female breast." However, whether only female? Some male representatives with this statement still do not really agree.

Who proposed a bra for men's wardrobe?

"Ahead of the whole planet", as well as in many respects,That is called Hi-tech, there are ubiquitous Japanese. It was their "advanced" and tolerant managers who came up with the idea to please some of the male population of their country, and later of the world, another invention from the category "well forgotten old" - a bra.

And to please really without quotes, becauseThe demand for a new item of men's underwear, unexpectedly even for the developers themselves, far exceeded the supply. As researchers found the market, there was a lot of reasons for such an agiotage, and they have nothing to do with sexual orientation or gender.


The developers themselves not without surprise explain that the idea of ​​producing "busts" for men, and quite a masculine and heterosexual, came to them from the future consumers themselves.

According to the latter, wearing soft and fullConvenient for them bras under an office white shirt and a black suit allows you to feel more balanced and calm. Including during terrible stresses and working problems. And even increases self-esteem!


Strangely enough, but big fansAmbiguous for many new items were very brutal with a kind of lovers of a healthy lifestyle and just athletes. According to some of them, such a toilet item not only contributes to proper posture and gait, but also visually increases the chest. It makes it more massive and, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, a little more manly.

Looks like a bra like a tight T-shirt with sewn inside the "pectoral muscles" of foam rubber. It costs about 50 dollars.

One of the companies specializing in the manufacture of bras for men, conducted research and found out: more complete men "to face" bras black, and having sports figures - white.


Use bras and those who sufferQuite common among men with gynecomastia. As some athletes explain, when running they are hindered by "jumping" nipples, and wearing a breast-pulling bra is the only way out of such a delicate situation.

Very annoying sticking out from under the shirt or,Even worse, tight-fitting t-shirts are too swollen nipples and ordinary men, very ashamed of their "shortcomings" and with all their strength trying to disguise them. A pulling bra during the treatment of gynecomastia is practically their only salvation. In addition, after a surgical operation to reduce the nipples "bust" to such men, as a rule, is no longer required.

Male snoring

Quite unexpected was the moral supportJapanese invention of ordinary women. More precisely, the wives of the main consumers of such intimate products. It turned out that thanks to the wearing of bras, their husbands completely stopped snoring, and peace and peace reigned in the bedroom during sleep.

He reigned, evidently, in the drawers of the family closet,Because now the wives did not have to sacrifice their underwear. After all, their loved ones had the opportunity to have their own bras and even "nochnushki.

In the United States experienced a built-in braElectronic sensor, capable of giving an alarm signal in case of stress. Including when overeating. The signal worked only if the bra was worn by a woman. He did not react to men.

Bra as a subject for stimulation

Another part of men, with understanding and evenJoyfully reacted to bras in her own wardrobe, seriously argues that wearing this item many times increases their attraction to women. Like, it helps to inflow into the body of testosterone and increase potency even without using Viagra. It remains to believe them on the floor ...

By the way, manufacturers themselves are very happy thatTheir products are in such demand among ordinary men who love women. And with pride declare: "We just develop and produce attractive and luxurious underwear for men. And to wear it or not to wear it - your right! ".

Male feminists

Finally, the last and, perhaps, the mostA small group of fans of such unusual underwear, is called "feminine men." These include those who similarly try to express or emphasize a little the femininity of their own male nature.

The latter, by the way, should not be confused withTransvestites and, especially, with transsexuals MtF (male-to-female, "from masculine to feminine"). After all, the first receive psychological and even sexual pleasure from the periodic wearing of female lingerie, and not converted to menswear. And the latter and are generally ordinary women, albeit not biological, but only gender and mental. So wearing "real" bras, like everything else, for transsexual MtF is quite natural and even reasonable.

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