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FOR the fish-surgeon got its name

For fish-surgeon got its name

Fish surgeon - is the name of a family of fish - surgeonfish of the order Perciformes.

There are eighty fish species of this family, including blue, striped, white-breasted, Arab and other surgeons.

Where did the name

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Fishes-surgeons (and sometimes fish, scalpels)these sea creatures called for their main characteristic feature - the razor-sharp spikes, which are located above and below the tail. Fish use these thorns for self-defense.
Sometimes careless swimmers and divers,decided to touch a beautiful fish, get some serious wounds. With this injury is usually in addition to treating the wound itself, need antiallergic prevention, as there may be individual reactions.

What is a fish-surgeon

What are the striped animals
Most surgeons are small - 40 centimeters in length on average 15-18 centimeters. However, there is an amazing surgeon nose which grows up to a meter in length.
In fish-surgeons are not very tall body, large eyes and a small mouth. They feed mostly on algae, sometimes including in your diet plankton.
The color of these fish is very beautiful and diverse. So, the whole body is painted with bright striped surgeon narrow blue and yellow stripes. Whitechest surgeon - bright blue, with a yellow dorsal fin and black head. A little more modest looks Arabic surgeon with gray-black stripes and orange spots under the pectoral fins.

Where live marine surgeons

As live fish
Fish surgeons like to live in tropical waters amongcoral reefs. Blue surgeon distributed in the Indo-Pacific region. There, from Africa to Hawaii, you can meet and striped surgeon. Whitechest surgeon found off the coast of Kenya, Maldives, Seychelles, Indonesia.

Arabic surgeon lives in the west of the Indian Ocean - from the Persian Gulf to the Red Sea.

Surgeons in the aquarium

For the bright colors of these fish are very fondaquarists. However, surgeons content is not so simple. First of all, this type of fish is extremely demanding on the aquarium clean. Its volume, by the way, should not be less than 1,000 liters. In addition, they compete for the area and are very aggressive to other fish (especially those characterized males).

In nature, surgeons lived alone, gathering in flocks only during the breeding season.

In addition, surgeons fish breed in very badcaptivity. That's why the market more often get not bred in the aquarium, and caught in their natural habitat representatives of the species. These "wild" fish is very difficult to adapt to aquarium conditions.

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