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For some reason, very hot laptop

For some reason, very hot laptop

Attach the arm to the bottom of the working surface of the notebook.

You will feel the heat. This is normal.

Any computer heats up during operation.

But if the temperature inside the notebook exceeds the permissible limits, it could lead to breakage.

Why is heated laptop

Any working electronic equipment heats. The electrons run through conductors and semiconductors. In the process of this eternal race heats device elements. Sometimes it is needed - in the kettle or iron. Sometimes not. The temperature is higher, the more intense pace. In turn, the electrons rush the faster, the more loaded the laptop's processor and graphics card. The more interesting the game, the more heated the laptop.

Over time, the notebook begins to warm up,often freezes, turns itself off. Overheating can cause burning north and south bridges. One of the most frequent breakdowns laptop - the failure of the card.


With the high temperatures necessary to struggle. All of the people! Only here the aspirin does not help here. forced cooling is required. And if in the usual computer is relatively easy to do, the ventilation in the laptop - a complex engineering design problem.
According to power a modern laptop is not nothingdifferent from desktop computers. The heat there stands no less, but a compact construction complicates the solution. The density of the chip layout is great. Free space inside the notebook is virtually absent. Indeed, in this little box in addition to the motherboard with the processor and memory still need to install the hard drive and DVD drive.
Laptop cooling system consists ofventilation holes in the case, a small fan and copper heat sink, snake enveloping processor and graphics chip. Radiator selects the extracted heat and gives it to the fan that blows hot air through the openings in the notebook chassis.
Vents are relatively smallsize and quickly clogged with dust. The notebook is not possible to set up powerful fans. If the processor or graphics card are heavily loaded, the cooling becomes ineffective.

Self-cleaning may cause damage, especially if you have not had experience of similar work. It is recommended to apply for the service specialists.

It is better to prevent

Laptop Prevention - the best cure for overheating. Regular cleaning of the dust accumulated inside may not be a panacea, but it is without a doubt a strong tool to combat overheating.
Be careful not to obstruct access to freshair to the ventilation holes at the bottom of the notebook. It is pleasant, of course, to communicate in social networks, luxuriating in bed. But do not forget that the blanket securely wraps the lower part of the laptop. A bit of work in such conditions, and the device will start to become very hot.
On sale is a cooling stand for a laptop. If you have a very powerful computer, a stand will help to prolong its life.

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