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FOR many years, the country will grow spruce

For how many years will grow spruce in the country

To make your holiday a pleasant site for a look, each owner is trying to decorate it.

Tastes vary, but many of the Christmas tree at the site would like to plant.

Most of the owners of their own plots withI would be happy to put it on the spruce. This tree is not only an evergreen, but also considered to be very characteristic of Russian landscape and to design a piece of land in the landscape style fit just perfect. But not every area of ​​the plot allows it.

What kind of tree to plant in the country

Spruce belongs to the family of pine - treelarge, crown narrow, conical, straight trunk. Breeders brought many varieties with different needles of colors, different shapes and heights, so when the landscape composition can be selected from a large number of options. How many centimeters a year the tree grows, depends on local conditions, and on the selected varieties.

When designing the composition must take into account that the tree planted long will remain the same small and beautiful. After a few years it will take much more space than the first.

If you wish to elevate portion evergreenlittle tree should not be planted dug in a nearby forest. First, it is illegal, and secondly, replanting native trees will lead to what is on your site in a few years will grow mohnatenkaya beautiful tree and a spreading awkward monster, whose lower part of the trunk at the same time will be bare.
The perfect alternative - choose something fromennobled varieties, breeders have worked on that. This may be a Canadian Christmas tree, fir barbed, or blue, the Serbian spruce. These varieties are well suited to life in the middle zone of climates and quite good-looking.

How fast growing trees

Young spruce grow slowly. For the first time, they will be able to reach except by a few centimeters per year. Later, when the plant has a good stick, if the soil is suitable for him and light enough tree begins to grow faster - year growth rate of 8 to 50 cm Of course, these are average figures.. Dwarf varieties, for example, are growing more slowly.
In order to gain a length of one meter, the treeIt takes approximately seven years. This meant that the tree will grow "from scratch". If you do not indulge in extreme and buy a normal seedling for planting approximately one and a half meters, a great tree with a good height will increase by approximately 10-12 years.
If the site is small, it is better to choose a dwarf spruce for him. Typically, these types have a beautiful shape of the crown, and on small plots look very good. In a year, they grow by about 3-5 cm.

In order to gain height, decorative dwarf spruce long it will take longer.

At a time when the plant only survives onsite, it needs special care. It is necessary to carry out additional forage, watering, especially if the climatic conditions are different from the ideal or given in dry summers. In the spring, some species need protection from the sun.

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