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How many years can you get married and get pregnant?


Women are more serious about theirAge than men. It is for women that it is so important to build their lives according to a plan in which important steps fall at a particular age. In the modern world, the usual time frame for marriage and pregnancy has expanded quite extensively.

How many years can you get married and get pregnant?
In ancient times girls were given in marriage in practiceChildren - about thirteen to fourteen years. On marriage, the parents agreed, the children could not change anything. Often, the future husband and wife could meet for the first time at their own wedding. Children born in such a marriage were not always born healthy. And because of the low level of development of medicine, they often died. But women had time to give birth to a lot of children before the end of the childbearing period, which guaranteed the survival of even a few of them. The girls, who were about seventeen or nineteen, were considered old maidens.

What time do they marry now?

In the modern world, seventeen years is veryfew. A marriage concluded at this age is considered to be early. It is believed that most of these marriages do not survive a few years, and then disintegrates. In fact, it is possible to get married successfully at seventeen, but it must be understood that marriage is a series of duties that must be fulfilled both to husband and wife. Due to the lack of this understanding, many marriages break up soon after their conclusion.

It is believed that late marriage is the most stable and strong.

The average age of girls in Russia duringThe conclusion of marriage - from twenty to twenty-four years. In Europe, girls get married much later. Marriage is gaining popularity after thirty years, because at this age, well-formed individuals understand what they want from themselves, from their spouse and from marriage in general. In addition, there are no financial and housing problems.

Despite the fact that in many countries the term"The old maiden" is much outdated, in Russia the girls who have not married before the age of twenty-eight or thirty look rather obliquely. It is very important not to succumb to the pressure of society, so as not to make mistakes, which then you can bitterly regret. After all, girls, on which the brand of the "old maiden" is hung, are sometimes so in a hurry to get married that they marry the first counter. Although for a successful, long and happy marriage, the choice of a man is the main parameter.

Blitz-dating - the format of dating, when communication with a man is given only a few minutes. If your sympathies coincide, you can continue to communicate after the event.

If there is no suitable man in your environment,It is worth waiting for his appearance. Of course, under the recumbent stone water does not flow, so it's best to go beyond the usual life, to resemble blitz-rendezvous, to various cultural places, if a man does not appear in the familiar surroundings. At least, do not fuss and panic until the age of thirty minimum.

An important reason to get married before thirty

Why till thirty? The fact that it is believed that getting pregnant and giving birth is better until the age of thirty-five is simply due to the fact that after this age the human body accumulates a critical number of diseases and problems that can affect the child. But even after a successful marriage with the "same" man, you need to live with him together for a while before deciding to have a baby. It is best to take a lap to each other for at least a year, especially if you stick to the concept of a planned pregnancy.

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