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How many years can I put a child on rollers


The activity of the child begins to manifest itself inAge 4-6 years. During this period, it is important to stimulate interest in sports, as in the future it will be the best investment in the health of the baby. The role of parents in this process is to choose the right direction.

In what time</a> Years you can put the child on rollers

If you notice your child's ability toSkating in the winter, then in the summer you can safely put it on the rollers. However, there are some age limits. Orthopedists are advised to begin training with 4-5 years, when the body and the bone system of the child is more formed. Long skating is not welcomed by doctors, since the rollers have a rigid structure and can affect the formation of the foot. The best criterion is the child's desire to ride. Parents should consider several important rules.

Correct motivation

When you firmly decided that you will betChild on the rollers, then first learn how to properly motivate the child. First, nothing better than own example. Try to show your child that you also love and know how to ride. Parents for the child - this is a whole universe, so he seeks in everything to match the behavior of adults. Secondly, it is important to praise your child at all stages of training, since he needs moral support. If the praise is regular, then the skating will turn into a pleasant pastime.

Thirdly, in no case do not scold and do notShame the child. This behavior will forever discourage you from skating. Try to have patience. Even a short walk on the rollers will bring not only a healing effect, but also relieve psycho-emotional stress.

Quality inventory

Children's foot at the age of 4-5 still hasInsufficiently formed bone structure, so the choice of videos is a responsible task. Anatomically correct landing of the foot will ensure comfortable riding. Do not skimp on quality, choose a reliable manufacturer. On the shoes should be sliding mechanisms that provide control of the size of the foot. If the rollers become small, you can easily adjust the size. Be sure to get protection on your hands and knees. Also buy a helmet. Parents often neglect this important rule, as a result of which the possibility of injury during riding increases at times. The main thing is the safety of your child.

When the necessary inventory is acquired, then you can safely try to ride. To do this, choose a flat asphalt or use the services of a roller blind, which can be found in any major city.

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