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For how long Egypt has canceled the visa fee for Russian citizens

How long Egypt has canceled the visa fee for Russian citizens

The Egyptian authorities decided to cancel the visa fee for the Russians, who previously had to pay on arrival.

Now, during the tourist season, the Russian citizens who have bought vouchers from tour operators, have the opportunity to save on holiday without compromising its quality.

Fees waived for the period from 1 June to 31 August 2012.

Due to the instability of the political situationtourist flow of Russians in Egypt in 2011 declined slightly. To contribute to its recovery, the government had decided to cancel the visa fee, which was $ 15. An important detail solutions is the fact that the abolition of the collection is only available for organized tourists.

Tour Operators of the Russian side explained what is meant by organized tourism. You do not need to go in a group, buy a ticket a travel agent is enough.

The representatives of the Russian tourism industryThey note that the obstacle to visit Egypt served, of course, not the application fee of $ 15, in the instability of the political situation. But such an initiative on the part of Egypt, said that the country is ready to take a rest people and trying to attract them, showing their location tour. Of course, this initiative should be seen as a very friendly step by the Government towards the vacationers. This means that everything is done in order to restore calm in the country and to maintain the safety of tourists.

Previously, each guest had to pay Egyptapplication fee of $ 15 upon arrival at the airport. The decision to cancel the collection was taken on June 1, but because of the approval of the Cabinet and some other formalities, it entered into force only on 10 June.

Egypt made similar steps towards tourists from other countries, in the same way for them canceling the visa fee.

Russian citizens constitute a significant partnumbers of tourists in Egypt, but in 2011 the number of tourists from our country was reduced by a third compared with 2010. In 2012, Egypt paneer restore the flow of tourists. In the first quarter of 2012, these plans have the potential to perform. The number of tourists has increased by more than 100% compared to 2011.

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