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For fans of eco-style - wooden wallpaper

Wood wallpaper - shaped lining - not so long ago appeared on the market of construction materials.

The widespread use of wooden wallpaper as interior and exterior finishes allowed them to catch on quickly.

Wood wallpapers are environmentally friendly and affordable material. Modern production organized from different types of wood.

Sales, however, can be found quite decent artificial analogues of wooden wallpaper. They are made typically of compacted paper and covered with a layer of varnish or silicone.

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The most inexpensive natural wood wallpapermade from softwood and used for interior decoration of residential and office space. Panels, for example, from an African tree Abash most expensive, their characteristics allow them even to revet walls of saunas and steam rooms.

Environmentally friendly, beauty, practicality

At all times, wood trim lookedoriginal and soundly. Wood wallpaper significantly enhanced the possibilities of home design. Variety is achieved by using different species of wood and texture, as well as a wide choice of styles, patterns, stamping and thread presence on the surface of the coating.

Wood wallpaper - is, in fact, the wall panels made of thin wood or pressed plates.

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The special environmental material, his durabilityand ruggedness allow the panels to become a popular type of coating. Designers-minimalists, supporters of eco-style, those who love the natural comfort, increasingly prefer the tree decorating the walls, noting that the room seemed to start breathing.

In general, the wallpaper covering of fine woodIt called very conditional. They have nothing to do with paper counterparts, furthermore, fixed to the walls of wood is fundamentally different from the technology of gluing wallpaper.

Working with wood wallpaper

Installation involves the installation of wooden wallpaperlathing - a special wooden frame of the boards or beams. Can be placed in between the insulation and communication. Lattice best process antifungal agent.

In order to hide the fastening elements atinstallation of wooden wallpaper vagonochnye use nails or klyaymery. Thin, almost without hats vagonochnye nails gently pierce the boards in the slots at an angle of 30 degrees. A more advanced method is to use klyaymerov - special metal clips. They are nailed to framing with nails or staples with a pistol and a well-kept panel. With their help, installation of wooden wallpaper goes much faster. Sometimes the wooden wallpaper is fixed on the "liquid nails".

At work it is necessary:

•; constant use level for mounting battens and wallpaper themselves to check the vertical and horizontal, to avoid surface irregularities and violations risunka-

•; establishing a light panel, it is best to wear gloves to avoid leaving otpechatkov-

•; to take into account that it is not always possible to cover the joints of panels relief decorative corners, it is necessary to use other design podhody-

•; prolong the life of wooden wallpaper can by covering their surface after installation of varnish, paint or impregnated.

Buying wooden wallpaper, you must calculate thetheir number with some margin. Klyaymery selected to already purchased panels. For the installation of wooden wallpaper is better to use the services of a specialist.

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