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Wooden wallpaper - profiled lining - not so long ago appeared on the market of building materials.

The wide use of wooden wallpaper as an interior and exterior decoration allowed them to quickly gain popularity.

Wooden wallpaper is environmentally friendly and affordable material. Modern production is organized from different types of wood.

On sale, however, you can find quite decent artificial analogues of wooden wallpapers. They are made, as a rule, from pressed paper and covered with a layer of varnish or silicone.

The most inexpensive natural wooden wallpaperAre made of coniferous species and are used for interior finishing of residential and office premises. Panels, for example, from the African tree abash are the most expensive, their characteristics allow them to wall them even the walls of saunas and steam rooms.

Ecological, beauty, practicality

At all times, the furnishings looked like woodOriginal and sound. Wooden wallpaper allowed to significantly expand the design possibilities of the house. The variety is achieved by using wood of different breeds and textures, as well as by a large selection of styles, patterns, the presence of embossing and carving on the surface of the coating.

Wooden wallpaper - this, in fact, wall panels of thin wood or compressed laminae.

Special ecological compatibility of the material, its durabilityAnd unpretentiousness allowed the panels to become a popular kind of cover. Designers, minimalists, adherents of the eco-style, those who like natural coziness, increasingly prefer the decoration of the walls with a tree, noting that the rooms seem to begin to breathe.

In general, wallpaper these coatings of fine woodAre called very conditional. They have nothing in common with paper analogues, moreover, the fastening of the tree to the walls is fundamentally different from the technology of wallpaper gluing.

Working with wooden wallpaper

Installation of wooden wallpaper provides for installationLaths - a special wooden frame made of boards or beams. Between them, you can put insulation and communication. The grill is better treated with an antifungal agent.

In order to hide the fastening elements,The installation of wooden wallpapers use carving nails or kleymers. Thin almost without a hat, the carving nails are carefully driven into the grooves of the boards at an angle of 30 degrees. A more modern method is the use of Kleimers - special metal clips. They are nailed to the frame with nails or staples from the pistol and hold the panels well. With their help, the installation of wooden wallpaper passes much faster. Sometimes wooden wallpapers are fixed on "liquid nails".

At work it is necessary:

•; constantly use the level for installing the crate and the wallpaper itself in order to check verticality and horizontality, to avoid unevenness of the surface and to disturb the drawing-

• When installing light panels, it is better to wear gloves to avoid leaving prints-

•; to consider that it is not always possible to hide the joints of relief panels with decorative corners, it is necessary to apply other design approaches-

• Extend the life of wooden wallpaper can be, covering their surface after installation with varnish, special impregnation or paint.

Acquiring wooden wallpaper, you need to calculateTheir number with some margin. Kleimers are selected for the panels already purchased. For the installation of wooden wallpaper, it is better to use the services of a specialist.

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